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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of John
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI John, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 9) The Light is with man and the Light is in man, but the Light is not known by man unless he welcomes it. Each man welcomes the Light by his own choice and according to his own choice, but to know the Light fully, one must welcome it fully. When a man welcomes the Light fully, he ceases to be a man, and he becomes the Light. For the Light is a presence that denies the existence of man. It knows only the Light. When a man becomes the Light, he is the Light, and he sings to all men of the Light, as he knows there is only Light.

This is what is meant by "to be born again." The existence you seemed to have before is gone, as if it never was, and the new existence is all there is and all there ever could be. It is seen in all places, in all directions and in all men, because it is truly all that can be seen.

(v 10 - 15) To know the Light is to know eternity. To know eternity is to know that it can have no opposite, and so it is to see no opposite and to see only the reflection of that which is true. One who sees the reflection of eternity loves all that he sees, because all that he sees is a reflection of eternal truth, and that is Love.

(v 16 - 21) The Holy Spirit has come into the world to see that it is good. And so it is the Light within men that sees the world truly. Men judge the world and one another, and they condemn what they see, but in their condemnation they fail to see as the Light sees. It is the Light that sees truly, for the Light sees as God sees. And so men must be mistaken in what they see and in what they think. Therefore, the judgment of man is meaningless. ALL that is meaningful is the vision that comes of Light.

(v 22 - 36) The Light has come into the world, because the Light was always in the world. Now it has been welcomed. Now it can be seen by those welcoming it. Do not be mistaken. The Light was not welcomed into the world by one man, or two, or by a handful of men who were ready for the Light. The Light was welcomed by all men. And this is why all men have seen the Light and recognized the Light, just as the Light has recognized them. The time has come for the Heavens to welcome its own unto Itself. And so an awakening is occurring. All men are a part of the awakening, and all men shall be awakened, because the Light shines for all men and with the consent of all men.

NTI John, Chapter 4

(v 1 - 26) The Light within is a guiding Light. It guides all men. None are absent from its guidance, though many are unaware. Those who are guided by the Light, but do not recognize its guidance, know not where they are or why. And so they look elsewhere for their own salvation and happiness. Since they do not know it is with them, they continue to search and they continue to struggle. When they find what they think is happiness within the darkness, they enjoy it for a time. But then the joy it brought seems lost, and they thirst for joy again. No man is aimless. No man is lost. No man is without guidance. Always, every man is where he needs to be, guided there by the Light because he has asked for guidance and he has welcomed it, but if he has not accepted it as it is and where it is, he does not recognize what he has welcomed, because he has not welcomed it fully. And so he has the answer because it was given, but he does not accept it. And he continues searching and does not realize it is with him already.

(v 27 - 38) The reward of Light is given to all men. Men need not earn the reward. Men need not even ask for it. Men only need to seek for it, welcome it and accept it to see that they are it. Do not be mistaken. The Light was not welcomed by one man, or two, or only a handful of men, because all men have welcomed the Light as one. As the Light is with one man, the Light is with all men. You must only open your eyes to see the Light all around you and within you and to see that the Light is with all things and within all things and that the Light is all things. The Light is in you and with you and the Light is you, because you have welcomed the Light when all men welcomed the Light. Open your eyes. See what you have welcomed. Welcome it fully now.

(v 39 - 42) Open your heart. Open your mind. Open your eyes, and see by welcoming what there is to see. It is before you now, waiting only for your welcome.

(v 43 - 54)To welcome the Light, have faith in the Light. Do not expect the Light to convince you of its presence by grabbing you with miracles when you seem to give the Light no welcome. The Light welcomes you as you are, and so it will not try to convince you. But when you are ready, and through faith you welcome the Light...in that hour, the miracles of the Light shall be known. And you will be grateful that you extended welcome unto the Light through faith that the Light gave welcome to you.