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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of John
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI John, Chapter 1

(v 1,2) The Word of God is the Voice for God. They are one and the same, as they cannot be separate. One is an extension of the other. In this extension, sameness is contained. Where there is sameness, there cannot be difference. Where the Voice for God is. God is also, in all of His fullness and His glory.

(v 3) The Voice for God has always been, since the beginning of time and before. He is the overseer of all things. As all things were made, He saw that they were good. It was not through His wish that the earth and stars and heavens were made, but it was through His knowledge that they were blessed.

(v 4) In Him was Life, and through Him was Life and Light given to all things that were made. In Him lies the Light of men. Men shall be known by their Light.

(v 5) The Light is in all men and with all men. The Light does not fade or wither, but the darkness that fills the sight of man does not see the Light or choose to know it. And so, the Light waits on welcome, that it may be known.

(v 6 - 9) John the Baptist came into the world as one seeking the Light. Always, he was ready to see it and recognise it. For John had faith that there must be Light, oven though he didn't have willingness to see it in him. John believed in guilt, and it was his belief in guilt that hid his Light from his eyes. But John had great love for the Light and was attracted to the Light, so that the Light was attracted to him, that he may be witness to it. In this way, John helped to welcome the Light through his desire to know the Light.

(v 10 - 13) Know that the Light has always been in the world, as the world was made Life through its blessing. There has never been an absence of Light, but the world did not recognize the Light as John did, because the world was not ready to see the Light shine away darkness.

(v l4) The Voice for God is present on earth, as it is present in the Light that lights the hearts of man. When man chooses the Light as his guidance within the world, the Light is made manifest in the body of man. And the Voice that is spoken through the body of man is the Voice for God, which knows not of man, but only of the Light.

(v 15 - 18) All who choose to see the Light will witness the Light when it is made manifest through one who wills the Light to be. God is welcomed into the presence of man by the desire to know God before man. The desire for truth beckons truth, and truth becomes manifest. For Love cannot say no to a request for Love. So where Love is welcomed, there it shall be.

(v 19-28) John's search for Light was focused outside himself, so that the existence of Light was welcomed, but the realization of Light was not. This was a blessing upon the world, for acceptance of existence precedes actual realization of Self. John's guilt blocked his Light from his self, but his desire brought it forth onto him, that he may see it and find the glimmer in his heart that said, "I am here too, John."

(v 29 - 34) And so it was through John's own desire that Jesus was drawn to John by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that John may see the Light and rejoice in the Light and declare to the world that the Light of Heaven shines within the world.

(v 35 - 42) John, bringing forth his desire to witness to the Light, witnessed to it. Those who had found interest in John's desire began to follow the manifestation of Light. The recognition and desire of truth was within them also, and this is why they were attracted to the Light. It was their own inner Light reaching for Itself that caused them to get up and follow Jesus.

(v 43 - 51) The innocence of man was awakened by the manifestation of Innocence within the world. Those who were willing to see Innocence recognized it, and Innocence recognized Itself in all that it did see. No one was called that did not want to be called. ALL who were called were ready and asking that the calling come to them.

NTI John, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 11) The Holy Spirit is the Light that fills the hearts of man. It is a Light that shines in every heart, and it shines unceasingly. It does not exist in some, then not in others, for all that lives, lives through the Light of God. So the Light must be in all that lives.

Within the world, the Light is hidden. It is not hidden because it desires to hide. It is hidden because it has not been invited to shine. And so, it shines quietly within Itself until it is invited to shine in the world. When it is invited, its time has come, so it shall come forth, and all who have gathered to see it shall see it. For the Light is hidden from no one who in readiness asks for the Light. It is the shining of the Light that brings forth faith. With faith, more Light is welcomed.

(v 12 - 25) When the Light is not desired, the Light does still shine, for the Light must shine as mat is the essence of Light. Where the vision of Light is welcomed, it is known. But where the vision of Light is not welcomed, it is not known, for each one must see what he chooses to see.

The ones who do not wish to sec the Light will see something else, and they will love what they see, even though they may believe that they hate it. And this is the essence of confusion...thinking you want one thing when you want another. But know this:

What you want must be given you, so you can know that what you see is what you want.

If you see darkness within the world, it is darkness you have asked to see. If you witness the Light, but do not know the Light within yourself, this is the welcome you have given it. If the Light seems with you at times and absent at other times, your welcome is not yet consistent. And if you know the Light in all that you see and experience, you have opened yourself to it, and it has enveloped you.