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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Confusion entered your mind when you believed that you took this gift from God. You believed that you made this gift according to your will, which was to steal it from God's Will. It is this thought upon which you judged yourself as guilty and unworthy, and so you became fearful and learned to attack. But if you understand that the gift you were given is Life, you will understand that the gift has not been stolen, because it cannot be stolen. It is a gift that simply is. When you surrender to this gift by ceasing to deny its reality, you surrender to Love. For what can the acceptance of eternal Life be, except eternal gratitude, which is Love? This is what Jesus declared:

There is no death, because the gift of God is Life.
There is no guilt,
because this one gift that God has given cannot be taken away.

Death is an illusion. It may seem to be final, but it is not, because all that can be final is that which lasts when all else has ended, and that is truth and the recognition of the reality of Life.

(v 50 - 56) That which precedes the recognition of Life as it is, is rest. This is the true meaning of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is not a day set aside at the end of the week before another week of work begins. The Sabbath is a time set aside at the end of time, before the recognition of tune as a set of limits ends.

The Sabbath is a time of rest in which you still experience the effects of time, but you no longer choose to participate in them. As thoughts come into your mind that are not the thoughts of peace, you rest from those thoughts and let them be healed. During the Sabbath, your healing occurs according to your own willingness to rest As the mind is healed, peace comes over you, and you no longer fight to place meaning where there is none. You no longer struggle against the gift of God by choosing to divide it, define it and judge. You simply agree to be grateful for it and to accept it in its innocence and purity.

The Sabbath is a time of rest and non-judgment. The Sabbath is a time of stillness and peace. The Sabbath is a time of giving your willingness, that it may be strengthened into full willingness and the full acceptance of Life.

NTI Luke, Chapter 24

(v 1 - 12) I have promised you that if you give Me your faith and willingness, listen to Me and do as I say, I will give to you an experience that you did not expect. This is important. It is important that you give Me all that is in your mind for healing, that it may be healed. What you do not give to Me cannot be healed, and what is not healed will block the experience that I give.

Search your mind for all of these things, and when you find them, give them to Me quickly without any attachment to the thoughts you have found. Search your mind for doubt, all manner of fear, hatred, anger, grievance, guilt, unworthiness, helplessness, loneliness, depression, striving, hope and longings.

Each thought that is not of peace and joy in the present moment can be given to Me. And each one can be healed in order to bring the unexpected recognition of Life into your mind.

Be like Peter. Put your doubts aside. Let not your fears hold you back from desiring the truth of Love beyond your seeming reason. Come and look with Me. Continue to trust Me and to seek that which I offer.

(v 13 - 35) The sickness that is in your mind is a sickness of belief based on a sickness of desire. This sickness is not sinful, but it is blinding. It is not sinful, because this sickness has done nothing. What has done nothing cannot be a sin. It has done nothing, because all that is true remains true, even until this moment. But the sickness is blinding, because it keeps you focused on itself through your own desire. As you focus on the sickness, you see only what sickness has taught you to see. This means that you do not see the truth, even though it is present and before you now.

Bow your head and check your heart's desire. Do you wish to be deceived? Do you wish to see what you have wished to see, or do you wish to see the truth?

When you no longer wish to see that which is not there, you shall see That Which Is. There is no delay between the desire to see it and the instant of sight It shall be done in complete perfection in the moment mat you want it above all that clutters your mind and your sight now.

(v 36 - 53) This is what you are to do: Remember all that I have taught. Practice what I have taught with your every breath. Do not be distracted. Remember that the truth is not what you see, so what you see must be mistaken. Do not believe it and judge it and react to it as if it is real. Remain distant in your interactions with the world, aware that you do not know, so that you may remain open to guidance from One who does.

Be grateful for all that is true. All that is true is this: Life, Love, sharing, extension and joy. These are the characteristics of God and of truth, of which you are one. All that you experience must be of these, or else it is illusion made up in the mind. Do not believe that which isn't real. Have faith beyond the experience you know now, and another experience will be given in the instant that you have readied yourself for it. You ready yourself in this way:

Listen to all that I have said Practice it with your every breath.

Do not move from your practice. Be clothed with power from on high in humility and gratitude. You are blessed within the being that you are this moment. Amen.