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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Luke, Chapter 23

(v l - 25) The story of the vineyard remains helpful to you now. For if you remember the feelings of guilt, the expectation of attack and the desire to defend, you will understand the thinking of the chief priests and teachers of the law as they sought to have Jesus crucified. Know that this story is only a symbol of that which is in your own mind. Jesus is the symbol of the Christ, your truth, which must be in your mind. The chief priests and teachers of the law symbolize your fear, which is also within your mind.

Let us look at your fear for a moment. Recognize it as your own. For what you own, you can let go of. This examination is a time of celebration.

Here is what you fear: You fear the loss of self, just as the tenants feared the loss of the vineyard. But loss of self cannot be, because your true Self was given you by God as a gift. This gift shall never be taken away.

So what Is it that you fear really? You fear the loss of an illusory self, because you have forgotten who you are. You think that to lose who you think you are is to lose who you really are, but as I have already told you, nothing could be further from the truth.

If I am to help you release your fear, I must teach you that there is nothing to fear. This is why I have given you the symbol of Jesus. For he has stepped forth into that which you fear most of all, and he has arisen in glory and joy.

Fear not! You are the same as he, and he and I are one, just as you and I are one. There is no cause for fear or sadness. This is a time for celebration, for you are opening up to that which you are.

Look at Jesus, and know it is yourself you look upon. Behold! Your glory has become manifest in this symbol. Lay your other thoughts aside and do not listen unto them, for those voices have no meaning now. Your truth is before you, and it stands silent before the world.

(v 26 - 43) The Christ is the one within you that does not crucify the Son of God. This one is there, within you. Fear not that He is not.

To crucify is to want dead. This is the voice within that fears attack, and so it seeks salvation by attacking first. This is the voice of the ego. This is the voice that has arisen within your thoughts as a result of the belief that you have stolen yourself from God. This voice does not love; it fears. Even within its illusions of love, it fears, which is why it attacks the ones that you set out to love.

The voice of crucifixion cannot help but crucify, for that is what it was made to do. Do not hate this voice when you hear its shrieks of attack. Calmly forgive this confused and fearful voice.

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Look beyond this voice to the beauty that lies within. Listen in rest for the Voice that does not crucify and knows no crucifixion. This is the Voice your Father gave to you. This is your true Voice, the gift of Heaven that cannot be taken away. This Voice knows no crucifixion, because it knows no purpose other than love, acceptance, joy and oneness. This Voice welcomes your brothers as one with it. This Voice welcomes you.

This is the Voice of Peace. It knows no conflict or attack. It seeks no guilt, and it gives the past no meaning born of artificial thought. This is the Voice for God. It is a mighty Voice that silences all other voices as meaningless and without purpose. This Voice beckons to you in certainty and with authority:

"I tell you the truth, today you are with Me in paradise. Beyond the illusions, there is truth. Truth is peace, and peace is paradise, because it knows only truth and listens only to the Voice of Truth. Lay mistaken thoughts aside and listen to Me, and you lay crucifixion aside as purposeless and choose instead the purpose of realization of truth."

Jesus listened only to the Voice for Truth. He forgave his brothers their illusions, because he knew they were not truth. He welcomed his brothers in love as one with him in peace and safety, because he saw beyond illusions to the truth of Life, which is the gift of God. You, my brother, are like Jesus. The Voice that is with him is with you also. It is the Voice of Truth that ends all illusions, and with it, all nightmares. Trust the Voice of Truth. It is the Voice of health and of honesty.

Honesty is acceptance. It does not fight or try to change. It accepts in peace that which is meaningless as meaningless, because it is honest and does not wish for deception.

(v 44 - 49) Jesus' death was not significant, because of his last words:

"Father, into your hands I commit my spirit."

With these words, Jesus declared that his Self was not stolen from God, but was of God and was the same as God. This was the significance about what seemed to be his death. It was the declaration that there is no death that was significant and was heard by some who witnessed these things on this day. What is the nature of God? The nature of God is Life. That which is created by God must have His nature, as it is His nature that is the element of creation. This is what God has gifted to you and will not take away: Life. There is no threat that this gift can be taken from you. It is yours eternally. And you are of this gift, and you are the same as this gift, as you are of God and the same as God.