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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

But I have already told you that it is impossible for you to have stolen yourself from God, for you are within God, and you are one with God. Therefore, this entire flow of thought, all of which seems to have meaning for you, is based upon one meaningless premise. What is based upon meaninglessness and built upon meaninglessness must also be meaningless. Any meaning it seems to have is only imagined, and what is imagined is not real.

This is why I have asked you to evaluate your thoughts. Listen to the thoughts in your mind, whether they seem to be thoughts about you, someone else or thoughts about your world. Are they not based on a belief in guilt that is based on a belief in separate wills, separate desires or separate behaviors? Do they not include thoughts of fear, worry or a sense of foreboding? And do you not take actions or have thoughts of defending and protecting yourself? ALL of this is meaningless because it is based on a false image of yourself and your world. It is based on the false belief that all that you experience is separate from the reality of God.

Now let's talk about the other Voice that you hear, the Voice that seems to come from God. The Voice may seem to come to you as a knowing or an intuition, but when you trust it and do as it asks, you recognize it as God. This Voice seems based on safety, an inherent and invulnerable safety. This Voice seems based on love. This Voice you call God, because it seems to be everything that cradles and comforts and cares for you. And yet, recognition of the Voice came from within you, which means something within you knows this Voice and remembers the Voice and recognizes its familiarity.

What is within you is within you, and therefore must be a part of you. If you are able to recognize the Voice for God when you hear it, then God must be within you. And if God is within you, you cannot be separate from God.

And so, this is what you are to do:

You know that you want the comfort and peace of God. And now you know that this comfort and peace comes from within. So what you must do is choose the comfort and peace of God by denying anything that you recognize as alien to that comfort and peace. For if it is not of God, it does not exist. It is merely sickness born of imagined meaning. Therefore, there is nothing to do with it except let it be healed. Where you see a need to defend, rest and let that perception be healed. Where you see fear, rest and let that perception be healed. Where you see guilt, rest and let that perception be healed. Whenever you think you are not worthy of all of the glory of God, rest and let that perception be healed. As you rest, you will be healed. Within the mind of health, you will receive guidance. Trust and follow your guidance. It comes but from your true Self, which is based on truth, not illusion.

(v 39 - 46) There will be times within your mind when there will seem to be great fear as you move forward by doing all that I ask you to do. KNOW this:

Great fear is nothing more than great resistance. And so the means for overcoming great fear is great willingness. Great willingness comes from remembering what you want.

This is the time for accepting that the world is not real. For if you have given belief that the world is real, then you must believe that your fear is real also, and you will not be able to cross the threshold at which you stand and want to cross. For to crossover into reality, you must have accepted the awareness that what you know now in this world is not the reality of God.

(v 47 - 53) The time that will come will usher you across its threshold, if you but let it. For in order to crossover into the awareness of truth, you must not resist the crossing over by reaching for this world. This world, you must let go, because it is not reality. And so, you must seek reality over illusion, and you must do it in peace and full willingness.

(v 54 - 62) Remember what I am telling you now, and remember what it is that you want. You axe on a sacred path, a path that is lit by the Light of Heaven. But in the hour when it seems that it may be dark, it is because you are remembering the world. Let go of the world. It is meaningless, based on a false premise and built of illusions believed. You do not want it anymore!

Let go of the world. Reach only for the Light of Heaven. This Light will lift you up, and you will not know darkness anymore.

(v 63 - 71 )One will accept what he is willing to accept. He cannot be asked to accept anymore, for he will not even hear the request that he accept it. This is why you must be attentive to your own mind. For you are accepting that which you are willing to accept, but you are not accepting all that you want to accept, because you are not yet fully willing.

Do not let this distress you. Be glad that an awareness of limits has been brought to your mind. Be glad that the one who places these limits and removes them is you. For in this there lies a statement of your freedom and your truth.

This is what you are to do:

Watch your mind for limits that you have placed on your readiness and your willingness. Be willing that these limits be exposed to you, When they are exposed, do not defend them or fall into the trap of believing them once again. Instead, notice the limitation that has been placed upon your mind, and say to it but this:

"I have limited myself by my own choosing through agreeing to believe this thought. But this thought has no meaning in reality. By keeping it within my mind, by judging it in any manner, I keep myself tied to illusions. All there is to do is to release this thought and open my mind to God. I am willing to be open to what I cannot expect and cannot judge, for that is the experience of truth, and truth is my reality."