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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

The mind that is God is what it is, and it cannot be changed. But you, as one with this mind, had a wish that it could be different. And then, within the freedom granted by being of mind, you began to make your wish fulfilled. There is nothing wrong with this exploration of thought in which you chose to engage, except for the error in which you believed that your thought could not live if it was shared. In this error, you developed your first misperception of yourself. For in this error, you created the belief that you could be separate from God. And then, you judged yourself for what you thought you did, and you found yourself guilty of disrupting the existence of the truth that is God.

"Disrupting" is an appropriate word here, because God, as best as it can be described, is sharing the existence of Love. By choosing that God be something different, you had to decide that different must be that it could not be shared, and to not be shared must be a "disruption" of that which is shared.

This seemed to be the creation of a private mind with private thoughts and its own private abilities. But since you saw this as a disruption that destroyed the essence of what God is, you saw this as a sin and judged yourself as guilty. And what could come of such judgment except fear?

Now, take a moment to accept all that I am telling you, even if you cannot understand it as yet. I am telling you this:

The Spirit of God is one. Nothing exists that is not within the Spirit of God. You exist, and so you must be within the Spirit of God. That which is within the Spirit of God is the Spirit of God. Therefore, you cannot be separate from the Spirit of God.

You have believed that you are separate from God, a separate entity with private thoughts that are not shared. And for these thoughts, of which you believe you are responsible, you have judged yourself as guilty. And yet, there must be something within you that does not believe these thoughts are private, because you also believe you will suffer for having these thoughts, which means you know they are shared. This seeming conflict is the basis of your belief in fear.

Let's look at this more slowly once again, for there is an inconsistency here that you must see and recognize if you are to let fear go. The inconsistency is this:

You believe, "I have made a private mind with private thoughts, which are mine alone, which must mean that I am guilty of disruption of the sharing of thought that is God. And yet, I believe that this error I have made is seen, because I know that thought cannot not be shared. And so I expect and fear punishment for all I believe I have done."

And there, within your own thought and belief, is the insane idea that maintains your fear and yet can never be. For if you were guilty of making a mind that disrupted the flow of the Mind of God, that mind would be private and it would not be shared. Therefore, God could not seek to punish you, because He would not be aware.

What is the truth of all your thoughts and all of your beliefs? The truth is that they are based on a premise, a premise of separation, which cannot be true. And since they are based on a premise that cannot be true, your thoughts in themselves cannot be true either, which means there is no guilt and there can be nothing to fear.

Why have I chosen now, at this point in the New Testament to tell you this? Because when you look on this, I want you to realize what it is that Jesus intended his apostles to know.

It is your fear that makes the world you fear seem real.

When you have seen that the source of all that you believe is thought...a misperception within the thought of the idea of a private mind...you will see that it is nothing. And in that instant, it will be gone.

NTI Luke, Chapter 22

(v 1 - 6) The thoughts within your mind can seem to take you in circles. You can seem to move from understanding to confusion at lightening speed, which makes you dizzy. Do not let this concern you. When this seems to happen within your mind, you are witnessing your own resistance struggling in a fight for survival. Remember that I have told you this is your fear of healing. Remember I have shown you that your fear of healing must be sickness. Be grateful that your sickness has come to the surface where it may be healed. Remember that the way in which you let sickness be healed is simply to rest in its presence.

Do not get caught up in the struggle to understand what cannot be understood. Remember I have told you that this is a ploy of resistance. Instead, rest. Give your faith and willingness to Me, that you may be healed through your decision to rest and trust.

(v 7 - 38) There are two voices in your mind. This, I have told you before. But this I say again, because it is of the utmost importance. Your mind is split. This is why you hear two voices.

One voice may be most easily identified as "your thoughts," while the other Voice, when you hear it, may seem to come from God. Do not be deceived by what seems to be the difference in these two voices. The one that seems closest to you is the voice that is furthest from your reality. And this is why you have been confused until now.

Remember all that I have taught you. Remember the story of the vineyard, for that story will be most helpful to you now. How is it that one who has stolen a vineyard would be likely to think? Would he not feel like a betrayer, and so feel guilty? Would he not expect some type of reprisal, and so fear attack? Would he not prepare for his own defense, and also defend himself whenever he sensed the possibility of attack?

These are the characteristics of the ego, which are the thoughts in your mind that are based on the belief that you have stolen your mind, or yourself, from God. If you observe your thoughts carefully, you will notice that these veins are inherent within their flow.