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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Luke, Chapter 20

(v l - 8) The authority on which I teach you these things is the authority of God and the authority of you, for both are the same. Without your consent or willingness, I could teach you nothing.

You may see Me as God or as a messenger from God, but 1 have already told you that you are not different from Me. Indeed, we are the same. So whatever I am, you must also be.

(v 9 - 19) There is confusion in your mind regarding who or what you are, and so you must listen to Me for a time. But when the confusion has left your mind, you will realize that you have listened but to your Self, which you share with your brothers.

The vineyard in this story represents a mind that is shared among God and His creations. And yet, although this mind is shared, it is also gifted to God's creations for their use. One of God's sons has chosen to keep the "vineyard" for himself. He has decided not to share it with his brothers or his Father. The son who has made this choice feels guilty for his choice, and so he expects a battle such as the one described within this parable.

But I tell you, there will not be a battle. For the gift of God is given in Love according to God's Will. The Father will not send servants to take the gift from you. But since you are ready to return the gift to its Self, He has sent Me to help you return to it.

What is the gift? What is this mind that I speak of, which is represented by a vineyard within this parable? It can be none other than your Self. You are the gift that God gave to you, and He gave you this gift complete.

But in an error of thought and misperception, you have taken this gift and made it into something it is not. This is what I meant when I said you have traveled from Me in your misperception of yourself. And this story also tells why you feel inherently unworthy as a seeming separate entity. It is because you believe that you have stolen yourself from God.

But do not forget that I have also told you that you are the same as Me, one with Me within the Spirit of God. And do not forget that I have told you that you are God's Son, in whom He is well pleased. And do not forget that I have said that I am one with our Father, and I have come to welcome you Home in celebration.

(v 20 - 26) What are you to do? I say to you, do not deny your experience in the world. It is an experience you have chosen, and it is your gift to yourself, just as your Father gave a gift to you. But choose to use your experience to remember your truth. You do this by choosing to listen to Me, for I am the Voice of your truth. I have come, not to take away from you, but to give you back your inheritance, the gift that was given by God.

(v 27 - 40) God is the God of the Living, and so there cannot be death. For God is in everything that does live, and if death could take a thing that lived, death could take God.

You do well to understand that you do not understand. You do well to accept what I say without trying to understand it. For to try to understand is to try to conquer the thought and take it under your control and under your rule. But a thought of God's cannot be conquered or controlled or ruled, for all of God's thoughts must be free. Accept the freedom of God's thoughts without giving into temptation to question or understand. In accepting this freedom by extending your trust and innocence, you accept your freedom and your innocence.

(v 41 - 47) The one who will know himself is the one who stops the effort of trying to define who he is and where his place is within the world. The one who will know himself may ask these questions, but he will be satisfied when the answer does not come. For it is through no definition that definition is given. It is through no place that place is found.

Listen to the Voice within and do as it asks without seeking fullness of picture, and it is fullness of Vision that you shall see.

Luke, Chapter 21

(v 1 - 4) And so I tell you:

True reward comes only from full surrender to God.

There can be no other way! Partial surrender is not to let go of control. And to keep control is to keep the truth firmly hidden from your sight, for the truth is not control. The truth is complete and perfect love of freedom.

(v 5 - 38) It is time that we talk about fear. For I have said that fear can keep you from Me. This is true, and it could never be true. It could never be true that anything could keep you from Me, because we are always one. That is what must be true, or we would not exist. But it is also true that fear can keep you from Me in that fear can keep the peace and knowledge of what I Am from your awareness, and this is to keep the truth of what you are from your awareness too.

We have spoken of the mind that must be shared, which you believe you have taken for yourself. This mind, you believe you have stolen from God. You must know that it is impossible to steal this mind from God, because this mind is God, and God cannot be stolen from Itself. So how is it that you think you have stolen it?