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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

And now, if your brother seems to offend you seven times in a day, your brother need not repent. For your brother has done nothing to you. You may choose, all seven times, to look at the meaning you have believed within your mind and to choose to acknowledge that instead of meaning, you are looking at thoughts that have no meaning in and of themselves. In this, you find release. In- this, you begin the process of discovering who, or what, you are.

(v 5, 6) I realize that it will sometimes seem to take great faith to see your thoughts as meaningless, for you have taught yourself that your thoughts have great meaning. In fact, you believe that your thoughts have purpose. And that purpose is to define and make sense of your world and to define and protect you. This is the hidden meaning you have given them. And this is why you must lay your thoughts aside. For if you have made sense and meaning out of the purely meaningless, you are living within a world of illusion and believing it. In order to discover what is true, you must lay illusion aside, for you cannot find truth by looking through a filter of illusion. This will seem to take great faith at times, but faith is nothing more than an expression of willingness. Call on your willingness, and remember it is your strength.

(v 7 -10) You, my brother, are not unworthy. Being one with Me, you are as worthy as I am. You simply do not know your Self, and so you are unaware of your worth.

But I am grateful for your willingness and your desire to be healed. I do celebrate every step you take on this path with Me. Listen to Me and give your faith, that you may learn who you are and celebrate your worth with Me.

(v 11 - 19) Gratitude is a great gift that lives within you, for true gratitude is the recognition of truth. It is an inherent appreciation for you and your freedom. Gratitude, as the remembrance of truth, nurses your willingness to full health. Do not hold back on gratitude. Take time to sit in quiet and know your gratitude. To know the fullness of your gratitude is to receive a glimpse of your truth, for your truth is gratitude and love.

(v 20 - 37) Now you are learning not to look for the kingdom of God in a time or as a place, for the kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of God is your Self, in your natural state of truth and joy when your misperceptions of yourself have been healed.

I have told you that you have only traveled away from Me within your perception of yourself. This is not an analogy or a helpful thought. This is the truth. In your own perception, you see yourself as something other than I Am. And it is this misperception that keeps you from seeing the kingdom of God, which is at hand within you now.

When will your misperception be healed? This is a question that has no answer, for "when" is a matter of time and healing is not a matter of time. Healing is a matter of willingness.

Forget about time and the future. Focus on now and the thoughts that are in your mind now. Lay aside resistance now. Dismiss meaningless thoughts now. Focus on your willingness and nurture gratitude for being. This is the process that brings about the healing of misperception, and it is a process of now. The kingdom of God is within you now. Do not let yourself be distracted away from it.

NTI Luke, Chapter 18

(v 1 - 8) Prayer is a practice that increases faith and willingness, for prayer is an act of gratitude. Whenever you pray, whatever you may be saying, you are also saying within your heart and beyond the words, "I believe that there is more than this which I experience as reality. I am willing to extend my faith and follow this path, that I may know the truth, which eludes me now."

Continue to pray, that your faith and willingness may be increased through your own desire to have it so.

(v 9 - 14) Listen not to your own voice, which tells you how right you are in all that you think. Remember that I have asked you to lay your thoughts aside. Here is why I make this request:

Now you have a definition of yourself that you believe. It includes preferences and judgments and all manner of concepts that tell you who you are. But these concepts do not tell you who you are. Each and every one of them tells you who you are not. Remember I told you that you have only traveled away from Me in your perception of yourself. These concepts, which you believe define you, are the misperceptions that tell you that you are not Me. These concepts, which you think define you, serve the purpose of separating you from Me within your mind. Remember, you have journeyed away from Me within the mind only. It is only your perception that tells you that you are separate from Me. So if you are to discover the truth of who you are, you must be willing to lay your perceptions of yourself aside. You must be willing to stop believing that you know who you are. You must be willing to be open to discovering your truth. This is the humility I ask for. I ask you to admit that you could be wrong about your definition of yourself.

(v 15 - 17) And this is why it is written:

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

Make yourself like little children, free of self-concepts that blind you to the simplicity of truth. Open your mind to Me, and I will show you what you are.

(v 18 - 30) When one begins to understand what is asked of him on this path to Heaven, one must become afraid. That is because you believe that you are the thoughts you think. You have taken them on as your identity. And so, when I ask you to lay your thoughts aside, and I seem to make no exceptions to this request, there must come a time that you become afraid. For there must come a time in which you think that I am asking you to trade yourself for the kingdom of God.

Rest assured that nothing could be further from the truth.

I will never ask of you something you are not willing to give. This is because you are the Son of God, and what you believe is yours is yours.