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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 11 - 24) Let's look at the parable of the lost son, which seems to be a story of separate and independent beings, but cannot be, since there are no separate or independent beings in truth. The father within the story is the same as Me. There is no difference between us. You are the one who seems to be the lost son. However, you cannot be the lost son in truth, since you are one with Me.

The journey that this son seems to have taken is a journey in the mind only. In other words, you have traveled away from Me in the perception of yourself but this journey has occurred in perception only. We are not separate in any way. Now you are becoming ready to wake up from this imagined journey that you have taken. I have come to meet you and help you return to the truth of yourself. Here are some thoughts I ask you to practice giving acceptance to:

 The Spirit of God Is one.
 Nothing exists that is outside of the Spirit of God.
 I exist, and so I must be within the Spirit of God.
 That which is within the Spirit of God is the Spirit of God.
 I and the Spirit of God are one.
 All else is illusion.

As we move forward, I will help you to see and understand these thoughts more clearly. For now, I ask that you give willingness to accept them. I also ask that you remember whatever is true for you is true of everyone and everything you experience.

(v 25 - 32) The other son within the story represents resistance within your mind. It serves no purpose but to deny that you and the Father are one. Do not look to the resistance in this story. Stay with your willingness. Stay with your joy.

NTI Luke, Chapter 16

(v l - l5) There are many questions that will come into your mind as you follow this path with Me. You will often wonder what is right to do and what is wrong to do. And you will feel confusion and worry within your mind. Let Me remind you that confusion and worry are not of Me. They are resistance, so you may rejoice that you do not need to listen to them.

When confusion and worry are upon you, simply rest and let them pass. When you are feeling peaceful and joyous again, do whatever comes into your mind for you to do.

Let me address the concepts of right and wrong now, for these concepts lead to confusion. Do you not notice that right and wrong are judgments? Have I not asked you to lay aside judgment?

Do not worry that you will be wrong in something that you do. Remember, I have told you that you will only have two experiences on this path: willingness and resistance. Choose with willingness, and you will feel joyful and all things will be helpful. Choose with resistance, and you have only chosen delay.

It is true that you cannot serve two masters. In fact, you can only serve one. In your willingness, you serve truth. And because only the truth is true, that can be the only master. In resistance, you serve nothing. For anything that is not true is illusion. Remember that you are never focused on the world, and you will not be confused. Always, in everything you seem to do, you are choosing among thoughts within your mind. Always, in every choice, you choose between willingness and resistance, joy and delay. Keep these simple thoughts in your mind and you will not know confusion. Keep these options clear within your mind and you will always know your guidance. Choose to follow guidance and you choose health, happiness and the path of truth.

(v 16 -18) The law upon which you make judgments is written within your mind. And in this law, you have placed your faith until now.

Now you are awakening to a new way to perceive. But you feel guilty, because your perception still seems to cling to the old ways of judgment. Let me tell you that of yourself, you cannot stop judging by the law that has been believed within your mind. That is because you chose to believe this law, and so the law is your desire. In order to have the law erased from your mind, you must give your willingness that it be erased.

When you notice that you are making a judgment based on the law, you must rest within the mind and give your willingness again. Do not believe your own judgments, for that keeps you stuck within the law.

What is the law on which your judgments and old perceptions are based? It is the law of separateness. It is the law that says the Spirit of God is not one. Or it may allow a belief that the Spirit of God is one, but it perceives that spirit as separate from you and others. And since the law is separateness, it must also see differences that uphold the law. Judgment is the servant of this law, for judgment makes the law master and confirms the law within the mind. Belief and acceptance of this law gives judgment purpose, and judgment gives the law reality. Without judgment, the law cannot stand. Without the law, there are no differenced on which to judge.

Give your willingness not to judge, and rest when the temptation is upon you. When you do this, you give willingness not to serve the law of separateness, which is also to give willingness to know the Spirit of God is one.

(v 19 - 31) The story of the rich man and Lazarus has no meaning as it is written. And yet, the story is filled with meaning and true purpose when one looks beyond its words with true perception.