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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Luke, Chapter 14

(v 1 - 6)Now is a very important time, for now is the only time that you can take any action that will make any difference. In spite of its tendency to plan, even the ego understands the truth of the moment now.

(v 7 - 11) Approach the current moment with humility, as if you do not know what the current moment is for. Approaching this moment with this attitude is only a demonstration of honesty, for you cannot know what is coming or what you should do or where you should go. By approaching this moment in honesty and humility, you open up to hear My guidance within this current moment.

(v 12 - 14) When you approach Me within the current moment and share your prayers, do not pray about the problems you perceive within the world expecting Me to provide answers to you. Instead, think about your reactions to the problems you have perceived. What thoughts did you notice in your mind? What judgments are you making? Think of prayer as an opportunity to empty your mind of guilt, fear, distractions, resistance and judgment by bringing them to Me. Think of prayer as an opportunity to renew your willingness and revitalize your faith. Then when this has been done, and without specific expectations, ask Me what you are to do. You will be rewarded with the guidance that is perfect for your healing in that moment. But know that My reward is not given because you have prayed as I asked. Instead, because you have prayed as I asked, you have readied yourself to receive the reward that I have been waiting to give.

(v 15 - 24) God welcomes all into the banquet of Heaven. In fact, it can be no other way, for one will not find his way into the banquet unless he looks to his brothers and lets them show him the way. This is what I mean by that: The Spirit of God is one, and admission into the banquet is the acceptance of this fact, for the acceptance and the banquet are one. There is no difference and no delay between them.

You see your brothers as separate from you and frequently in conflict with you. This is an illusion based on the judgments within your mind. Without the judgments that separate, there could be no separateness. So in the absence of judgment, there is only one. Many of the judgments you make are judgments regarding your brothers. I ask you to look at these, and I ask that you look at these judgments with willingness to let the judgments go. In making this request, I offer you the invitation to the banquet. Will you be distracted by your belief in your judgments instead?

There will be fear and doubt and confusion about whether you should do what I have asked you to do. Look at what I ask you to do in this way: I hold out to you the invitation to the banquet. You may trust in your brothers' perfection and lay your judgments aside, and that will be to accept my invitation. Or you may be distracted by your judgments and choose to trust them instead. It is your choice.

(v 25 - 35) What I ask you to leave behind, if you are to enter the kingdom of Heaven, are your perceptions of others as separate from yourself. And these perceptions are upheld by the judgments you make of them.

When you look at anyone, or even think of anyone, your mind busies itself in making judgments. They may seem to be good or bad or favorable or unfavorable, but what each judgment has in common is that it splits the object-brother off from others, of whom a different judgment is made. The judgments you make about yourself split you off in the same way.

So if you are to walk with Me on this path to healing, I ask only that you be willing to lay your judgments aside. Lay them down now, and your burdens will be light. Let loose your judgments, as they hold no value for you. Come and walk with Me.

NTI Luke, Chapter 15

(v 1 - 10) The one who seems lost, for whom you are looking, is you. That one, who is you, seems lost in the crowd of illusion. Because you believe illusion, there is confusion about who you are. So let's talk about that now, that you may know who it is you are looking for as you look for the lost you.

I have already said that you see yourself as a separate identity. This you willingly acknowledge. But you acknowledge this as a fact, when it is not a fact. It is a perception.

The you that is lost is not lost in reality, but it is lost within the perception of yourself as separate. For you are not separate and never have been and never could be. It is only this truth that is lost to you.

I have told you before that the truth is always true. The truth is that within all of creation, there exists nothing that is separate or apart from creation in any way.

I do not mean that each thing you see is a part or an element of creation, yet somehow independent as well. I mean that there is no independence. Everything that exists is one.

When you look at the world or think of the world, you accept that everything that is not of your body is separate and apart from you. Your friends and family are separate; the furniture within your house is separate; even the clothes that you are wearing on your body are seen as separate from you. I am saying this is not true. This perception is illusion, and this is why I say that you are lost to you.

And so, this course must be a course in finding you. Everything that is put forth in this course must be put forth to help you discover the truth of you. This is why there shall be rejoicing when the one that is lost is found; because the one that is lost is all that is, and when it if found, it is all that is needed.