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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 49 - 53) Let Me tell you another secret:

The world cannot make you happy, and so the world must not be God's Will for you.

Do not worry about the world. Let the world take care of itself, and trust that all things are handled in a loving way. You, my friend, are to follow your own Heart. Set your feet on the path to healing, and let your mind stay with the joy that comes from your willingness. Give no thought to anything else, and you will make yourself truly helpful to all.

(v 54 - 59) And so my brothers, I say to you all: Pay attention to how you are feeling. When you are not feeling joy, you have chosen resistance. Do not worry about your mistake. It is not held against you.

See it only as a wake-up call and a reminder to choose your joy and willingness again. In this way, you wake yourself up. In this way, you make the choice that sets you free.

NTI Luke, Chapter 13

(v 1 - 9) When you look at the world, remember that you are looking through the filter of your own mind. When you find yourself reacting to the world you see, remember that you are only reacting to the thoughts in your mind. This will provide for you the opportunity to see the thoughts that you think. As you watch the world through the filter of your mind, you will think you see many things. Some will seem good, heart-warming, funny, happy and desirable. Others will seem frightening, horrible, wrong, disgusting and undesirable. And there will seem to be a sliding scale of good and bad and every thought that is in-between. Now. remember again that you are looking through the filter of your mind, which means that the concepts of good and bad must be thought of there. Surely, you will see that these thoughts are yours, and you are the proud owner of the judgments you have made. Recognizing that you own your judgments is important, for if you are the owner, or the believer of what you think, then you can also decide to choose again and allow yourself to think differently.

At first you may not see why you should want to change some of the judgments you have made. So I ask this of you:

Remember that judgment is like a knife that looks at the Son of God and separates him. This means that as long as you hold onto your judgment as something that has value, you are blind to the beauty and value of the sight of the Son of God.

And now, with that thought in your mind, can you give your willingness to lay your judgments aside, whatever they may seem to be?

If you can find but a bit of willingness to see the Son of God, and so not to judge, that is enough. And if each time you notice your judgments, you give your willingness in whatever measure it may seem to be, that is enough again. I bless you with My gratitude each time you give Me but the smallest measure of your willingness, for each small measure is like fertilizer; it is useful to Me in the healing of your heart.

(v 10 - 17) Your confusion comes from the binding ways of your own thinking until now. It is your thoughts that have made you suffer. And so, if you would choose freedom, you must also choose freedom from your thoughts. This is why I have come. I am here to teach you to lay down your thoughts, to loosen yourself from your bindings, and to straighten up and walk in joy and gratitude instead.

(v 18 - 21) How does one come to know the peace and joy of God? I tell you that it is not through the worry and effort of your old ways. Sit down, and relax with Me. One comes to know the peace and joy of God by listening to Me, as a small child who is eager to learn listens to a parent. And then, just as that child does, by trying everything the parent asks it to try. But if you watch a child when it is learning something new, you will notice that the learning itself does not seem to come from the child's effort. The practice is but an expression of the child's willingness to learn. The learning itself seems to come upon the child like a miracle, and suddenly the small child can do what it could not do before. This is how it is with you. Listen and practice as an expression of your willingness, but do not expect results from your listening and your practice. Expect results from the expression of your willingness.

(v 22 - 30) There are many distractions that come to keep your mind from Me. Remember that distractions are temptations put forth by your resistance, and resist the distraction instead. I have said before that it is not important what you do, but why you do it. This is an invitation to do all things for Me. If each distraction can become an opportunity to hear My Voice, you are doing well on the path to healing. The door to the kingdom of Heaven is not narrow. The door is open to all, and all shall enter in their time. But to pass through the door, one must pass by distractions. You do well not to be delayed long on your way. Make Me your only purpose in all things.

(v 31 -35)

Your willingness is everything.
Through your willingness, see all things anew.