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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Luke, Chapter 12

(v 1 - 12) Now let's talk about the work you are to do. You are aware that there will be resistance, great resistance. Do not lose this awareness, and always be on guard. When resistance arises in your mind in any form, let it go immediately in gratitude as valueless. The work you are to do is within the mind. It is a work of being aware, not of the world, but of your thoughts about the world. Right now, you think you are focused on the world. You think you are focused on relationships, work, entertainment and rest, but I tell you that you are not focused on any of these things. You never have been. Even your thought that you are focused on the world is an illusion within the mind.

What you are focused on, and have always been focused on, is thought. In every moment in your seeming interaction with the world, you are focused on thought. And because you see yourself as a separate entity within the world, you are focused on thoughts that seem to be generated within the private mind that belongs to you. Let's look very carefully at this process of which you are barely aware, and yet it defines everything that you think, believe and do. Whenever you look at anything with the body's eyes, there are thoughts in your mind about that thing. If you look at a chair, for example, you may think that it is pretty, worn out, available, desired, not desired, clean, dirty, etc, etc. The thoughts that come into your mind seem automatic, without any awareness or evaluation on your part. You may make judgments about the chair based on your thoughts, and you may choose to sit there or not sit there based on your judgment. But you never look at, evaluate or question the thoughts you hold about the chair, and this is only a chair. The process that you call thinking, of which you are mostly unaware, goes on within your mind regarding everything in your world. You make unevaluated judgments about the work you do, the relationships you have, the pastimes you choose and the person you think of as yourself. These unevaluated judgments define everything and everyone within your world. And they are allowed within your mind without your awareness, your questioning or your evaluation. So this is the work that I ask you to do. I ask you to slow down your pace a bit. You may choose how you will slow it down. Pick a method that seems most comfortable to you now, but find a way to reduce the distractions in your life, so you can take the time to become aware of the thoughts that seem automatic in your mind. What are these thoughts? What are they saying to you? Why are you listening to them? Are they thoughts of love? Do not worry what you will do with these thoughts as you evaluate them. I will be with you, present in your mind, as you undertake this work of looking and questioning. For now, it is simply useful to become aware of the thoughts you think and are focused on when you think you are focused on the world.

(v 13 - 21) You may ask why you should do this work, especially when there is resistance telling you that you have better things to do with your time. I tell you that until you have evaluated the thoughts that are within your mind, you are unaware of why you do the things that you do. Without the awareness that comes from this evaluation, can you be sure that you are storing up the treasures that you want stored up? If your time is spent based on the judgments made by thoughts that are not truly valuable to you, whose treasure are you storing up? Is it truly yours? But if you look at your thoughts, evaluate them, determine that they are valuable to you, and then make your life by following these thoughts...well...then you can be sure you are storing up treasures that have meaning. So first look at your thoughts. Then, when you have become aware of the thoughts you have allowed there, we will evaluate your thoughts together according to what is truly valuable to you.

(v 22 - 34) Do not worry about your progress on this path that you travel to healing. To be on the path and aware of the path and thinking of the path is enough Let Me tell you a secret that will make your journey along this path simpler and more joyful. The secret is this: As you travel this path, you will only have two experiences. It may seem like many, but in truth, it is only two. One experience will speed you along your journey in joy. The other will delay your journey a little while. The secret to a simple and joyful journey is to learn to discern between these two experiences, and then always choose the joyful one. I have spoken to you of both experiences before, so this is but a reminder for you. The only two experiences that you will know as we travel this path together are the experience of your willingness and the experience of resistance. Everything that you think you experience is either one or the other. So do not worry about your progress on this path. Do not judge your own thoughts or actions, for worry and judgment do not bring joy, and so they cannot be willingness. Discern carefully, my friend. Recognize the thought within your mind. And at every opportunity, choose the strength of your willingness. Seek only for the kingdom and all things will be given you. Where your Heart is, your treasure is also.

(v 35 - 48) It will be helpful if you remember this:

God's Will is that you be perfectly happy in every moment of eternity.

That is simple. And so when you are not happy, you have made a choice that is not God's Will. When you are not happy, you have chosen with resistance. That is all. It is not a fight or a rebellion; it is merely resistance. It does not take you from God or separate you from Him; it merely resists your willingness to know Him. So whenever you are not happy, it is because you are resisting accepting truth. To be happy again, all you need do is return your heart to your willingness. Your willingness sings of God's Will. And so give yourself to it in every hour to know happiness.