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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Luke, Chapter 11

(v 1 - 13) How shall you pray? Prayer is the unceasing act of thought. With every thought, you pray for everything or for nothing at all. How, then, shall you think? I have already asked you to think with Me by accepting My thoughts and laying your own thoughts aside. My thoughts are these: They are thoughts of forgiveness, love, acceptance, gratitude and rejoicing. Whenever you are not listening to My thoughts, you will know, because you will not be at peace and you will not be happy. This is not a time to chastise yourself, for chastisement is not among the thoughts that I give. If you are tempted to chastise yourself for forgetting Me, you must again be listening to your own thoughts and praying for nothing. This is the time that you should ask for your daily bread. This is a time of forgiving your own thoughts by laying them aside and again opening your heart to Me.

Ask and it will be given you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Your Father is the extension of Love. And His Love has been poured out upon you. It is His only gift. Anything that is not of the gift of our Father is of nothing, and so it is meaningless and it has no value. Lay that aside, and accept the gift given to you by our Father.

(v 14 - 28) Your mind is split. Within you there is great willingness to do all that I ask you to do. And within you there is a great resistance that guides you away from the practice I ask you to seek. Let us look at your resistance, that you may be aware of its ploys. Then you will be able to recognize it and to choose, not with your resistance, but with your willingness. Your resistance will distract you away from Me. It will give you thoughts that seem to need to be thought, problems to think through and solve. It will give you things to do that must be done if you are to be seen as worthy by the outside world. It will throw confusion at you so that what once seemed clear when you heard My Word becomes muddled and unclear, so you are unsure what to do. It will ask questions, and you will seem to need to know the answers in order to put your trust in Me, and so you will go out in search of satisfactory answers when satisfactory answers cannot be found. It will offer you diversions that seem to bring great joy and pleasure into your life within the world. It will bring doubt into your mind, so that you will have a desire to find out what is true without giving of your trust. What are you to do when tempted by your own resistance? Notice it for what it is. Do not let it disguise itself as something important. See it as resistance and call it by its name. Then give it to Me, backed by the strength of your willingness. Together, we will redirect your attention to the path you have set out on. Blessed are those who hear My Word and heed it in willingness and joy.

(v 29 - 32) Your resistance is nothing more than your desire to keep things the same, to keep things as you see them now. And you desire this because you desire safety, and you think there is safety in the security you have made. And yet, you fear yourself and what you have made also. You are safe, but you are not secure, for security knows no illusions of fear. Let Me lead you to both safety and security, which is known through the knowledge of your safety. Safety comes from the guarantee of who you are.

(v 33 - 36) The knowledge of your safety takes away all images of fear. In knowing your Self, you can know no fear. This is the Light that shines from within to shine on everything you see, to shine away all imagined darkness and to show you only peace, love and joy. This Light you shall share with all the world through your natural love of Light.

(v 37 - 54)Resistance will sometimes seem to be the light, and so you must listen closely within your own mind, that you know where your instructions and desires come from. Resistance will sometimes be subtle, and so you must listen closely within your mind, so that you know where your instructions and desires come from. A useful question to ask whenever you are prompted to fill your time with anything is, "What is it for?" When you ask, remember the purpose of time. It is for healing your mind. This is its only purpose. If you are using time for any other purpose, you are not using time at all. Ask, "What is it for?" and listen honestly for your reply. Any answer other than the healing of your own mind is but a delay in your purpose of your healing. Anything that is not a part of your purpose is a part of nothing. So if you ask, "What is it for?" and you find that you have given this time another purpose, then ask yourself, "What do I want?" When you answer this question with the answer of your heart, you find the means and willingness to change the purpose of the current time. And this change is but a correction, brought about by your Holy Spirit, which knows your purpose and knows what time is for.