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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 37 - 45)You will not be healed by following the ways that make sense to you. Following what makes sense to you has brought you to the point of needing healing, and so it cannot be healing itself. To be healed of the thoughts that are foreign, but seem natural to your mind, you must put your healing in My hands. Give yourself over to Me. Let go of any resistance you feel towards this thought. Remember that the result of giving yourself to Me is your own healing. You will be returned to your Father, so rejoice! The time is now. Place yourself fully and completely in My hands.

(v 46 - 50) I have asked you to be a teacher of My Word, and I am grateful for your willingness to teach as I ask. And now you must listen to the secret of teaching: A teacher is a student who practices all that he teaches, knowing fully that the message he shares is also for him. In this way, anyone may be a teacher of My Word, for anyone may choose to be the student, and the student is the teacher. For the Teacher comes through the student in order that the student may learn.

(v 51 - 56) Always remember that as the teacher, you are the student, so all things are given to you for your learning. In this way, see all things as an opportunity to learn and to practice, and be grateful for all things. There is nothing that will be placed in your path that is not a gift from Me. See it as your gift and you are blessed indeed.

(v 57 - 62)To be My teacher, you must let My Word be first in your mind in all things. This is a perspective you shall hold. Through holding this perspective in willingness and trust, you shall know what to do through Me.

NTI Luke, Chapter 10

(v 1 - 24) Give no thought to what you are to do in the next moment of time. When that moment of time comes, ask Me then what you are to do. I will answer you in that moment. For each moment brings with it its own opportunities for healing, but if you are thinking of another moment in this moment of time, you miss the opportunities that are given in the current moment. In this way, your healing will seem to take longer, because you are not using the time you have been given for the purposes of healing. Think not for yourself. Remember that it is your thinking that has brought you to the point of needing healing. Relinquish your own thought, and trade it for My thought. Now is the opportunity to trade. Lay down your own thought now, and I will fill you up with My thought.

Go, filled with My thought, and do not question the thought that is given. When you are tempted to question and to once again find your own thought, remember the purpose of your journey. Joyously choose My thought again. You will seem to have many temptations. You will seem to forget My thoughts completely for a time. Do not let that distress you. The thinking you do apart from Me cannot hurt you. It can only delay your healing for a little while. So when you find you have forgotten, shake off the past and the memory of your forgetfulness. Now is a new moment! You help yourself by choosing My thoughts again now. There is never backward movement on this journey. You can only walk forward on the path to healing with Me. When you forget and seem to fail, you have not failed or slipped backwards. You have only stopped and stood in one place for a time. When you are ready to continue forward with Me again, I am waiting there beside you, ready to take your hand and go forward with you.

(v 25 - 37)

To love God, to love yourself and to love another is all the same.

This is the one lesson I would have you learn. There is no difference among anyone or anything within your mind. It is all one within the Mind of God. How would you learn this lesson? First, you must give up judgment. For when you judge, you separate and see differences. And in this "seeing," you cannot see that it is all the same.

Go within your mind and watch the process that you call "thinking" as it goes on there. What you will observe is that it is a constant process of dividing, judging, selecting and specifying. It is the calculation that defines separateness. It is everything except the acceptance of truth.

This is why I have asked you to lay down your own thoughts. But I understand that before you choose to do so, you must come to see that which you think has value as being truly valueless. And this is the case with your thoughts, for as long as you hold onto them and cherish them, you cannot see the truth that is before you now. They are like a veil that hides the Light of Heaven from your sight.

I ask this of you. Remember these famous words:

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. Love your neighbor as yourself."

And then remember there is no division in this statement. lt is all the same. It is all one Love. See the thoughts in your mind that block this Love from your experience, and then willingly lay them aside. Each time you do, a prayer is sent to Heaven upon the wings of your willingness, asking that you may lay all judgment aside and see the truth of Heaven.

(v 38 - 42)As you listen to My words and practice what I say, resistance will come up in your mind telling you that doing all that I say is not rational or sensible. This thought will imply that you will somehow suffer or regret listening to Me. When this thought comes, remember that I told you it would. Then place it aside, and continue to listen to Me.