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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 19 - 21) There is only one Will, and that is Gods Will.

(v 22 - 25)The storm that is raging is within your mind. It rages there, because you are asleep. If you were awake to the Will of God, your one true Will, you could perceive no storm, for there is none. This is the lesson we will learn together. Trust in Me as your Teacher. I will show you that you are at peace.

(v 26 - 39) The storm that rages within your mind is like cloud cover, hiding the peacefulness behind it. But the peace is within you also. And peace is your natural state. Our purpose is to blow away the clouds so that they disperse, and the naturalness that is within is what is left and is seen and is witnessed.

(v 40 - 56)There is a thought within your mind that says the healing that I speak of is impossible, and it cannot be accomplished. That is because there is also a thought in your mind that believes the cloud cover is all that you are, and it does not see how "all that you are" can be made perfect.

This is the thought that I have told you about. This is the thought that you are inherently unworthy. This is a thought that focuses on the cloud cover as all there is, and it does not realize that you are the infinite blue sky that rests behind the clouds. To realize your truth, you must have faith that the thought that you are the clouds is wrong. It is a mistaken thought.

Yet, it is a thought that you believe. In order to discover for yourself that this thought is totally false, you must be willing to look beyond the clouds with Me. You must be willing to take your eyes off of what you believe is true, and in faith, look with Me beyond that limit. To stop at the limit will not show you what is beyond it.

You do not know what is true, but you can take My hand in faith and walk with Me to what I know. In coming with Me and seeing beyond the clouds, you shall realize that truth has always been true, and peace has reigned unchallenged while you merely looked away for a little while.

NTI Luke, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 6)Everyone who reads My Word, listens to My Word and practices My Word teaches My Word. There can be no exception. You, who are reading this now, are My holy teacher.

Do not let this make you afraid. Do not worry about what is expected of you based on this "assignment." Nothing is expected of you except one thing: That you listen to Me.

Do not worry where you are to go, what you are to do, what you are to say or to whom. Do not worry how you are to teach. I may have you teach without a single spoken word.

Give no thought to the future. Give no thought to how you are to teach or when or where. Only give thought to listening to Me and practicing as I ask you to practice. In this way, you do teach, and the lesson you teach is heard throughout the world.

(v 7 - 9)There is fear in your mind. And so it will bring doubt that you do as I ask you to do. It will bring doubt that you are the one I ask to do these things. Do not listen to your doubt. It is to you that I am speaking. You who are reading these words, without exception for any reason, you are the one.

(v 10 - 17)You do not understand the power in your mind. That power is unspeakable in your world, for it cannot be described. But know this:

Every thought that you accept teaches within the mind of man.

The single mind that you are is taught through the thoughts that you agree to think. And this is how you are to teach the world. Although I may guide you to speak, it is not through your speaking that you teach. Although I may guide you to go or do, it is not through your going or doing that you teach. To speak to those or to go here or to do that would be to limit your teaching to a few. You, who are unlimited within your Self, cannot be limited by restrictions such as these. So it must not be through your speaking or your going or your doing that you teach. Every thought that you think is heard literally around the world. The consciousness of man is shaken by your every thought. And so it is through thought that you teach, no matter what you are saying or doing, and no matter where you are.

And so I say to you again, dear teacher:

Listen to Me. Remember My words, and practice all that I say.

The fish that you eat feeds a multitude of men.

(v 18 - 27) You are the Christ, because the Christ of God is within you, and it is Christ that is your true Self. This is the health within. This is the Light that shines its healing rays throughout your mind, shining away all sickness in every form. Peace be with you, my brother, for you are the blessed one. Put your faith with Me, focused upon your reality. It is this reality we seek to remember. Do not be afraid of what must come before you are to remember. There is nothing that can hurt when your mind stays focused with Me. I am your constant companion, and I lead you through all things.

(v 28 - 36) A vision of Light is within your mind. To know this Light, you must only ask to remember it, for the Light is with you always. If you feel afraid or doubtful or desperate for love, all that you need do is quiet yourself and ask for Light. It cannot fail to appear within your mind at your request. It is always there to comfort you and to shelter you.

Do not turn away from the Light. Do not be afraid that you nag it with your requests. It is there for you, to serve you through your every moment of need.