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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Luke, Chapter 7

(v 1 - 10) Listen to Me in trust and faith, for all that I share is important to your healing. You must practice what I share with you. You must remember My words and treasure them within your mind. Ask Me for more, and they will be given you. Have faith that you are worthy, and you will hear. For it is My Will that you hear My Voice. When My Will meets your desire and the quietness of your mind, it shall be done, and you will hear. This is what is symbolized in the story of the centurion whose servant was healed. He did not doubt that he was worthy to receive of Me. He did not doubt that his servant was worthy. The doubt that is written into the story was added by others who did not know their worth or the worth of others. But the centurion did know. And so, his desire and the quiet faith of his mind joined with the knowledge in Mine, and as one Will without separation, what was asked was given. Ask for the healing of your mind by asking that My thoughts be placed there. As you seek, you shall find. You cannot fail to find that which you seek in honesty of faith.

(v 11 - 17) There is no death, but within you there is a deep slumber that resembles death, for it is unaware of truth or of Life. I have come to awaken you from this slumber and to resurrect you from this death. Yet each one is dead by his own choice, so each one must choose to answer My call to resurrection. I am calling to you now. My hand is outstretched to assist you as you rise. What is your choice? Are you ready to awaken to Life?

(v 18 - 23)There are expectations in your mind regarding truth, but these expectations are based on what you know within your slumber. They are not based on knowledge or Life. They are based on interpreştation, or death. What do you expect of Me? Where is it that you think I am leading you to? Free yourself from these thoughts, and open your mind to Me unfetştered by expectations. Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of Me.

(v 24 - 28)Why did you begin this search? What is it that you wanted to find? Did you really expect to find the peace of God in your way? No, you expected surrender. This was the expectation given you by Me. That is why this expectation crossed your mind in peace with willingness. This path that you have chosen is the greatest of all paths within the world. Yet, this path is within the world. To know the kingdom of Heaven, you must be willing to step off of this path with Me.

(v 29 - 35)In honesty, look at your expectations and at what you want. Were your expectations given to you by Me? If they were not, then they are not of Me, and you will not know Me if you judge Me by them.

(v 36 - 50)Your surrender is forgiveness. To the measure that you surrender to Me, that is the measure that your thoughts, which are not of Me, are forgiven. For when you are accepting My thoughts and doing My Will with recognition that they are your thoughts and your Will, you are not living as a separate entity. You are being one Will with Me. And this is forgiveness, which is where your love comes from. "For you can only know love when you accept Love and join with the Will of Love. But to join with a will that is not Love is to choose to be separate from Love. That is to choose to remain asleep and to say "no" to the offer of resurrection, which is an offer extended to you now.

NTI Luke, Chapter 8

(v 1 - 15) You are looking at yourself now and seeing what you believe is your unworthiness. As you compare yourself to others, you note that you are not good enough. You do not give enough or practice enough. In your own judgment, you are never enough. Let's review what I have asked of you. I have asked you to trust that you are worthy. I have asked you to let your sickness rest. I have promised that we would look at your sickness together, and I have asked you to nurse your willingness with gratitude. Now is a time for gratitude and rest. Be grateful that you have been willing to bring your sickness to Me. "Rest, as we look at your sickness together. For it cannot be healed if it is hidden from healing.

Focus on your gratitude. Let the guilt and hatred and anger rise. Remember that you are being healed, even now. Do not nurse your sickness. Let it come up, but choose to nurse your willingness to be healed.

Let all things serve the purpose of healing. Do not avoid healing because you do not want to look at the pain of sickness. We must look at it together if you are to be healed.

Do not be afraid. I am with you, even now. Stay with the process. Be the good soil that produces a crop.

(v 16 - 18)I have already told you that this is a course of looking within. And yet, your mind wanders to the world as the source of guilt. Nothing within the world is the source of guilt. Not even what you do within the world can be a source of guilt for you.

The outer is a reflection of the inner, because all that you see and experience, you see and experience through the filter of your mind. If you believe that you see or experience guilt, the judgment of guilt must already be in the mind. So a part of your healing process is to let loose the judgment you have already put upon yourself.

What comes first is first. But when what comes first is changed, all that follows must change also.