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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 17 - 26) The world is a great temptation for you, because the world was made as a distraction from truth. Everything in the world is not truth, and yet you want to make sense of it and make it real. To the degree that you can let go of the world and not be concerned about it, that is to the degree that you accept healing. And to the degree that you are involved in the world and taking care of its many problems, that is to the degree that you reject healing as the answer to its problems.

(v 27 - 36) It is within the world that you seem to be, so it is within the world that I come to lead you. But I ask you to look at the world differşently now. No longer accept that there is a "you" and a "them" who is separate from you. This is the view the ego has of the world.

My view is that the world is all one song with different notes played in harmony to create the one. It is the song that is cherished, not the notes. And the song is being played perfectly by Me, who is the director of the music.

If you look at the song from My point of view, you see its beauty and perfection. But if you look at the song from the point of view of one note, who believes it is separate and competing with other notes, the song seems to be a war filled with attack and grievance and worry.

Remember that you are not the note. That is a distorted view of the music. We are the song as one sound together. Love the entire song. Every aspect is equally important to the whole, every aspect valuable and cherished for its part in it. Share the perspective of the song by seeing yourself as the song and by loving the entire song, just as it is, without judgment or desire that the song should be played differently.

(v 37, 38) Everything that you see and experience, you see and experience through the filter of your mind.

There can be no exception. This is always true. This is why you can see or experience something in one way and have one opinion or belief about it, and another one can seem to see or experience it in another way and have another opinion or belief. All of this "seeing" is occurring through the ego-mind, which does not see at all. It interprets. The ego-mind is itself a seeming split, apart from the Christ-mind, which is one. Since the ego-mind is a split or fraction, its perspective or viewpoint is not whole. Since it is not whole, it is not knowledge, which is why it interprets. But the ego-mind is not aware that it interprets. It believes it knows. This is why ego minds seem to conflict. Each one merely interprets without knowledge, but mistakes its interpretation for knowledge. Knowledge cannot conflict, for it is whole. Interpretation cannot conflict, since it is not knowledge. It can only seem to conflict, but that is a conflict of illusions or unreality, which is no conflict at all.

Everything you see and experience, you see and experience through the filter of your own mind. In order to find peace, one must abandon interpretation and remember knowledge. This is the process of learning that I lead you through. You are learning that you do not know; you interpret. This enables you to step back from conflict, and knowing that your interpretation is nothing, let your interpretation go. As interpreştation is released, knowledge can be given. Knowledge is peace, since knowledge has no conflict, because it is whole and it is truth.

(v 39 - 42)Everything you see and experience, you see and experience through the filter of your own mind. This is good news, for what you see and experience witnesses to the interpretation that you believe is knowledge. Upon seeing it and knowing that it is not knowledge, because it is not peace, you can choose to step back and let your false interpretation go. You may see your brother's error, which is his false interpretation that he mistakes for knowledge. I tell you that as long as you believe your interpretation, you do not have knowledge. Therefore, you cannot lead your brother to let go of his interpretation. For only knowledge can see clearly to lead mistakes to healing. Whatever you see in your brother, bring back to your interpretation, that you may give it up and be healed.

(v 43 - 45) You will speak from your interpretation as long as you believe your interpretation. So when you recognize that you have an interpretation, it would be wise not to speak. Do not fight for an interşpretation that is meaningless, for meaninglessness brings you nothing. When you notice that you have an interpretation, take a break from what you see. Seek quiet time with Me, and share your interpretation with Me. Do not share your interpretation as if you must be right, expecting Me to support you and lead you to the righteousness of your way. Share your interpretation expecting that you are wrong, because you have seen and believed without knowledge. In such humility, you can let go of your interpretation; you will see that it is nothing of value to you. And what you receive in its place you will extend, and that which you share shall be peace and restfulness.

(v 46 - 49)Why do you call me "Lord, Lord," and do not do what I say? I am Lord, because I am knowledge. To listen to Me and practice what I say is to find true peace that cannot be shaken, because it is knowledge. But to listen and not practice is to keep your interpretation, which is not knowledge. And so you have chosen to keep nothing and believe it is something. This is to choose illusions over truth. And illusions cannot be shared. Review My words and practice them. I am teaching you the way of peace.