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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Hatred is nothing but a desire for Love that believes Love is absent. In My Light, it shall know Love is not absent. In this knowledge, it is healed. Spend time with Me when hatred comes upon you. Retreat to a quiet place, and ask for My help. Wait in peace and confidence for My answer. I invite your unhealed spots into the Light that I may heal them. I will not abandon you when the unhealed spots answer my call and step forth to be healed.

(v 17 - 26) Again I tell you, you will find doubt in your mind. Even as I show you that you are worthy of love by loving you through My Self and into your heart, a thought will rise within your mind that says, "I am not worthy of this love. It is love that must be illusion, for I am an abomination." his is yet another spot rising to the surface to be healed, so give this thought to Me. Let My Light shine upon it.

I am asking you to pick up your mat and walk. This is the task at hand. And to do this, you must be willing to leave your doubt behind. This is why I tell you that there will be doubt! So when you see it, you can say, "Ah, yes. There it is, just as I was told it would be." And you can remember that the Authority given faith is stronger than the authority presumed in doubt.

Lay your doubt aside. Trust in My words and walk with Me.

(v 27 - 32) Remember that you are sick, and I have come to heal. Remember all that I say, that healing may be ushered in now. You are worthy. Do not let doubt tell you that you are not. Feel grateful for your willingness. It will herald all healing for you. Sickness must be seen to be healed, so show your sickness to Me. But do not forget that it is only sickness, and through your rest, I come to heal.

(v 33 - 39) Old habits must be let go, for old habits will not usher in a new day. With old habits, all things remain the same. But with new habits, all things are possible. I have come to teach you new habits. You will learn these habits by practicing them as I ask. Remember Me, and practice. You will catch yourself practicing the old habits, for this has been your way until now. Slipping into old habits does not ruin the new ones. So when you find yourself doing this, forgive yourself your attraction to the old by stepping away from the old and stepping into the new. Each time you do this, you help yourself to unlearn the old and to learn the new.

Take no old habits with you into the new, for the old habits must be left completely if the new habits are to result in new.

NTI Luke, Chapter 6

(v 1 - 11) Judgment is a way of looking at the world and deciding what is good and what is bad, or what is right and what is wrong. You have been taught within the world how to exercise your judgment so that it is "good judgment," for even judgment itself can be good or bad, right or wrong.

Now I ask that you forget everything you have been taught and everything you have learned. For if you know nothing, you cannot judge. Any judgment that you make and accept as a belief in your mind is a mistake, for any judgment that you make assumes something within illusion is real, and within its realness, something is better or more valuable than something else. Judgment accepts as real and then separates, so all judgment must be of the ego.

Look at Jesus and at the Pharisees within these scriptures. Surely you notice that the Pharisees have learned "rules" on which they feel they can judge. But the Pharisees are only a symbol of what is within your mind, for you also have learned "rules" on which you believe you can judge.

Did you judge the Pharisees as you read these stories? On what "rule" did you base that judgment? Is there a belief in your mind that Jesus is more "real" or more "truth" than the Pharisees? Did you think that the Pharisees were "wrong" to judge Jesus?

Nothing in the world is more "real" than anything else. This is why you know nothing and cannot judge. Your conscious experience is only of the world, and so you cannot know truth, which is not of the world.

This is why I have come to you. I know truth and I know the world that you believe and hold dear. I can lead you from the world to the truth if you will trust and follow Me.

To trust and follow Me, make no judgments along the way. Be as a little child, wide-eyed and curious, enjoying all that you seem to experience. Trust Me to make your judgments for you.

(v 12 - 16) Do not be bothered that the names of the apostles in one book of the New Testament do not match up with the names of the apostles in another book. These details are not important, because these details are meaningless. The apostles are but symbols, which represent everyone, and so there is no difference between one apostle and another, or between one man and you. We are all followers of the path that comes from within. We are all guided to learn the truth by following the path of unreality.