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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. Forget not the purpose of this course. It is a course of looking within. This is the message of this scripture. This is the anointment you have accepted. Be grateful to yourself. This is the acceptance of peace. And yet, even as your gratitude is being expressed, you will not have to look far to find doubt within your mind. '"There is doubt that the words I share could be for you. There is doubt that healing can occur, There is doubt that I am reality. There is doubt, angry and fearful doubt, within you. Do not deny the doubt that you see. It is not to be denied. It is the part of the mind that rejects the healing that is offered to it. It will seem to resist the healing and to try and cast it away. But do not fear. In spite of its struggle and raucous noise, healing cannot be rejected. Through your willingness to be healed, healing will walk through the mob in your mind, passing it by in gentleness, leaving it in peace to quiet on its own. This is the way we walk together. It is the way of peace and great joy.

(v 31 - 37) I am your leader in this process of healing. It is best for you to realize that you do not know the answers and you could not heal yourself. The way to healing is to listen to Me with the full attention of your ears. Focus them on nothing else and no one else. Quiet your mind, that you may hear only Me. There is nothing within you that needs to be driven away, but it may seem that way to you. You may seem to be possessed of an evil voice that whispers torturous thoughts into your mind and will not go away. This "demon" is your fear. It will disguise itself in different forms in order to distract you from the truth of what is, but do not let it fool you. It is your fear of healing, so it must be sickness. For what else could fear healing but sickness? Does love need to fear healing? Does peace need to fear healing? That which is the effects of health need not fear healing, so it is your sickness that causes fear and pain within you.

Know your sickness for what it is. And remember that willingness is where you choose to give your power now. This is what you are to do when you see symptoms of sickness within your mind:

Acknowledge that you are sick, Remember you have decided to be healed. Turn away from the voice of sickness. Give all of your attention to your willingness to be healed. Trust in your willingness. It is your sickness that cries out, "What do you want with us? Have you come to destroy us?" And it is your willingness that answers, "Be quiet. We are listening to the Voice of Truth now."

(v 38 - 44) There will seem to be many sick thoughts within your mind that need healing. Do not fear that each one must be touched and healed for healing to come over you. For all sickness comes from the same source. When the source is healed, all of the symptoms of sickness disappear at once!

So this is what you are to do:

Do not believe the symptoms in your mind. Do not be distracted by them. Those small things are not the source of your sickness. But when you notice the symptoms, let them remind you that the source is within you still. Give your willingness to the Source of Healing, that the source of sickness may be taken away.

And this is what else you are to do:

Although there is sickness within you, you are not wholly sick, nor are you sickness itself. For your willingness is within you, and it is health. Turn your attention to your health. Live within your health. Be your health. Get up and walk with it, giving your attention to it, that it may grow within you.

Sickness must rest and be quiet. This is the way to health. Let your sickness rest.

But health must serve the Son of God, for that is its only purpose. Let your health serve in great joy, and be glad for it.

NTI Luke, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 11 ) Things are not as they seem. This is why I ask you to trust Me and follow Me. I know how things are. You are blind to these facts, for you only know what you think you know, and that is nothing but a deep and burdensome slumber. Step away from what you know, and come with Me. I will show you what you don't know. I will show you what you don't think is possible and prove to you that it is true. Leave what you know. Be willing to put it completely behind you, and follow Me. What you know limits you and holds you back through your own willingness to know it. Cast what you know away from you, and I will help you to pull in a net full of what you did not believe was possible.

(v 12 - 16) The journey that we take together will seem to take great faith. Do not worry that you do not have enough faith to complete the journey. For if you have faith to start, you have faith to complete it. On this journey through this course that we will complete together, you will come to see yourself as dirty, unworthy and untouchable. All means of self-hatred will come up in you, but do not be alarmed. Your blemishes come to Me for healing. Your hatred comes to Me through your faith and willingness that it may be healed.