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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Luke
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Luke, Chapter 1

(v 1 - 4) This book was written in love and given with the blessings of true discovery. In this way, the book is filled with the opportunity for discovery. We may open up to its power and discover our truth together.

(v 5 - 56) Each one comes to the awareness of truth from where he is, so where he is, is where he must begin to learn. There is no shame in his starting point, wherever that starting point seems to be.

The book of Luke begins with the story of ordinary people at different points in their lives. They have been judged as good by the writer of the book, but this judgment is irrelevant. For if it was their goodness that made them worthy of the Holy Spirit, others could be judged as unworthy, and this is impossible. Each one is worthy, and each one has received the Holy Spirit. There are no differences among men. All are loved as precious; all are cared for; all receive guidance; and all are called to return to the Lord. The form of their calling and their path may seem different, but its purpose is the same.

You who are reading this are blessed, for you are beloved beyond measure. You are the treasure that is sought. You are everything, complete in God. The Holy Spirit is born in you. His kingdom is within your awareness, for His kingdom is your kingdom. You, dear one, are the One. Together, we will learn this lesson. Amen.

(v 57 - 80) Listening and follow-through are key to discovery of blessings that already are. This is what is symbolized through the story of John's birth. His mother heard the thought of the Holy Spirit. When the time came to follow-through, she remembered the thought, and chose it again.

Within the story, Elizabeth's decision to follow guidance was not understood by others. They urged her to make another choice. This is how it will be with you, but understand where the struggle comes from, that you may resist temptation to ignore your guidance.

Within your mind, there is a belief that is in opposition to God. This belief does not seem sinful to you, and so you do not recognize it as the basis of sin.

The belief that leads to this confusion is the belief that you are a separate entity. It is the belief that there is a you and a them. It is the belief that there is a you and that there is a universe of objects that are separate from you. This belief you accept as a fact and you do not question it, so it does not occur to you that it is a mistaken belief that can be given up.

This belief has a voice within your mind. Its voice you call your thoughts. Only because you do not question this belief, you do not question these thoughts that you claim as yours.

If you did question them, you would see that they are not loving thoughts. Close examination would reveal that they are based on the belief that there is something inherently wrong with you as a separate entity. These thoughts doubt your worth, and in fact, they deny your worth entirely.

Thoughts that deny your worth also deny the Voice of Worth, which is the Holy Spirit. This is why you will find great temptation to choose against your guidance. Realize the source of this temptation and it will be helpful to you. For when you do not realize the source of temptation, you are easily tricked into listening to the thoughts of your unworthiness.

In this story, Zechariah represents the answer of faith. Faith is a peaceful choice that trusts your worth must be true. Therefore, it chooses the Voice of Worth over the voice of worthlessness. This is what Zechariah did in choosing to follow the voice of his wife over the voice of his friends. This is a choice you can make consistently without fail, because you are Worth, and so you are worthy to choose the Voice of Worth.

NTI Luke, Chapter 2

(v 1 - 20)The birth of Jesus represents the birth of willingness, humble at first, but promising within it all of the glory of Heaven. Mary pondered this promise in her heart, not with the worrisome thoughts of the ego, but in her heart where the Holy Spirit is. This is what I ask of you: Willingness has been born in the mind. This willingness promises all of the glory of Heaven, for this willingness is the savior, the Christ, and it is with you within your heart. Do not worry how this willingness will grow to become the glory it promises to be. Rest, instead, with the thought of the promise, and be grateful. It is through your love and gratitude that this babe is nursed. Its growth is inevitable, so do not worry about it. Love it in your heart, and be happy there.

(v 21 - 40) We see through the story of Jesus' consecration at the temple that this symbol of willingness has been blessed by the Holy Spirit. This tiny willingness, only newly born and without achievement of any kind, is received by the Holy Spirit as a wonderful gift, and it is received with eternal gratitude. So it is with your willingness, no matter how humble that willingness may seem to be to you. It is the willingness the Holy Spirit has waited for, and it is this willingness for which the Holy Spirit sings praises unto you. Through this willingness, thoughts of deception will be revealed through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Deception shall be seen as deception, and truth shall be seen as truth. All of the angels in Heaven shall rejoice because of you.

(v 41 - 52)There will be conflict in your mind as this young willingness grows within you. Sometimes your goal may seem lost to you, and you will forget your focus and return to the focus of the world. But never fear. The willingness has been born and cannot be lost. It is within the temple of your heart, forever safe, clear in understanding, paving your way for you. When you forget your willingness and then remember it, return to it there in your heart. You will find it there, safe within your Father's Love, growing in strength, sure of who it is.

Rejoice, for your willingness cannot be lost.

Rejoice, for you cannot make a mistake that will cause you to lose your willingness. It is always there, waiting patiently and lovingly for your return to it. When you forget, just return again. And then we shall continue on together. Nothing is ever lost. Nothing is taken away.