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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Mark
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v10,11) This was the time that Judas of Iscariot decided to follow the thoughts that led him to do what he was to do.

Judas was afraid. He feared that he had been fooled into giving up his livelihood for a false promise, but he was not sure. Judas felt that giving Jesus over for trial would enable the truth to come out. If all that Jesus promised was true, it would be seen by all, and that would be a good thing. But if Jesus was a liar and false prophet, it would be better to find that out now.

So in faith that he was doing what was best for everyone, Judas went to the chief priests and agreed to give Jesus over to them. Judas did not understand that since he saw Jesus as separate from himself, he was listening to the voice of falsehood, a voice from which truth could not be known.

(v 12 - 16) As the time for Passover neared, the apostles asked Jesus where they should make preparations for Passover. Jesus told them to go into the city and follow where they were led, and then to make preparations there.

The apostles were nervous about Jesus' instructions, for it was known by this time that the chief priests were against Jesus. The apostles feared they would be led into a trap. Jesus told them not to fear, but to look for the signs of the Holy Spirit and follow those signs to the place where they would meet.

The apostles went into town looking for a sign from the Holy Spirit. A man came upon them. He did not say a thing, but he smiled at them as if he recognized them as dear friends.

After a brief discussion, the apostles decided to follow this man. He carried a jar of water and disappeared quietly into a large house.

The apostles felt led to knock on the door of this house. It was another man who answered the door. But his smile was also friendly.

"Our teacher has asked us to find a guest room where he may eat Passover with his disciples."

"I have a room," the man answered. He led them to an upstairs room that was the perfect size.

(v 17 - 26) When evening came, Jesus and the twelve apostles gathered there.

There was fear and suspicion among the apostles. Each one seemed concerned that another one would make a mistake and betray their master to the chief priests and teachers of the law.

Jesus stood before them holding a loaf of bread in his hand. He broke the bread and passed it to the twelve.

"Eat this," he instructed. "For it is no more than my body.

"Do not be concerned over what is to happen to my body. It is nothing for you to concern yourselves about. The Spirit is all that matters, and the Spirit is eternal."

Jesus poured a glass of wine and passed it for the apostles to drink.

"Drink from this cup. It is the cup of forgiveness. As you drink together, forgive one another your imaginings, for you must love one another just as God loves you."

(v 27 - 31) Jesus talked to the apostles about their fear. He emphasized that their fear could lead them away from him and the path of truth.

"Not I," said Peter.

Jesus had witnessed Peter's fear, and he knew Peter was prone to listen to it. "Truly I tell you, Peter. When the night is dark and the fear weighs heavy on your mind, you will deny me."

"No!" Peter insisted. "I would die before I would deny you!" And the others agreed with Peter.

Jesus spoke. "Before the light comes again, Peter, keep watch. You will deny me."

(v 32 - 42) Jesus and the apostles went to the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus said to the apostles, "I am going to pray. Sit here, and wait for me."

He took Peter, James and John with him into the garden. Jesus seemed troubled, and the three asked him about it.

"I feel the fear of death upon me," he answered. "I must join with my Father now. Stay here, and keep watch on your own fears."

Jesus went further into the garden to a private place, where he fell to the ground and went within to meet the Father. Jesus understood the obstacle before him, and he knew what he must do. In full faith and trust, he called upon the Father's Name.

"Everything is possible with You," he said. "Take this cup." In his mind, Jesus handed the fear to the Holy Spirit. He waited quietly in trust and certainty. He knew this was the final handing over. From this point forward, there would be no Jesus, but only the Will of the Holy Spirit.

"Your Will, not mine," Jesus whispered. He let his self sink into the Will of the Holy Spirit. And his mind was filled with light and joy. Jesus returned to the three apostles and found them sleeping.

"Simon," Jesus said to Peter. "Could you not keep watch on your mind for one hour? Watch and pray, that you do not accept the temptations."

And then Jesus recognized a temptation lingering in his own mind. "Oh, the Spirit is willing, but the body is weak." So once more, Jesus went away and prayed. He prayed once again for the same thing, that he may let go of the will that seemed separate from the Father's. When Jesus returned again to the three, he again found them sleeping. Jesus said nothing to them, but returned to the place in the garden to pray for a third time.