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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Mark
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Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Mark, Chapter 9

(v l) Jesus said to the apostles, "I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death, but will see the kingdom of God shining within their hearts and minds with glory and power forever and ever. This is the path that you are on. It is a path that sometimes seems difficult, but that is only your resistance to peace. It is a path that sometimes seems lonely, but that is only your resistance to love. It is a path that sometimes seems frightening, but that is only your resistance to truth. Lay down your resistance and walk with me, for I offer Light and Love and One."

The apostles were grateful that Jesus had been given to them.

(v 2 - 13) One day, Jesus took Peter, James and John atop a mountain for meditation, reflection and counsel. He often took small groups off in this way, that individual attention may be given to their seeming needs and questions. Peter was an unusual one who brought Jesus great joy and amusement. For Peter displayed wide swings between faith and fear. All of this, Jesus could use for healing and for teaching.

On this day, Jesus taught the three apostles great truths that had not been taught before. He told the apostles how the world had come into being and how the world would be taken away from the mind. He let the apostles know how their part was helpful to the whole, and he gave each one very specific instructions regarding what to do.

As Peter listened to the seriousness in Jesus' tone, he became overcome with fear. Peter experienced difficulty eating and resting, and he wondered if he should stay or if he should go.

That night, during a time when Peter was able to sleep, he had a dream given him by the Holy Spirit. He dreamt that Jesus wore a bright robe of white that shined as if there was light in the threads of his clothing. And he dreamed that Moses and Elijah were joined in a circle with Jesus, smiling and talking about the gloriousness of the Lord. The dream faded from his mind, and Peter was aware of a peace that came over him as he opened his eyes. When Peter was aware that he was awake, a loud and clear thought came into his mind. "This is my Son in whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him."

Peter spent the remainder of the evening in grateful reflection and peace. He went to Jesus, John and James to share his dream and the sense of peace it had given him.

"Peace is a gift from our Lord," Jesus explained. "Fear is our resistance to this gift. Both acceptance and resistance are in your mind now, so you experience both peace and fear. But know this won't continue forever, for only peace is forever. Fear must pass away.

"Continue the work the Father has given you. When fear seems to come upon you, fall to your knees and join in counsel with the Voice for our Lord. Give Him your fears and your willingness to continue in service of our Lord. Your fear will fade away. Then rise and continue your work. In this way, you find yourself on the path of healing with a mighty companion by your side."

(v 14 - 32) When Jesus and the three apostles came down from the mountain, they found a crowd there. There seemed to be some disagreement among them. The apostles welcomed Jesus' return to them, certain he could answer questions that challenged them.

"Why can you drive out evil spirits," asked one within the crowd who seemed to speak with belief in his own authority, "when your apostles cannot? Is it magic that you use?"

"Who said I drive out evil spirits?" Jesus asked.

"That man and that man," this one answered. "And I have seen you do it myself!"

Jesus smiled at the man and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I cannot drive out evil spirits," Jesus answered. "What you have seen was of your own belief, for what you believe, you will witness."

"I believe you have driven out evil spirits," replied the man.

"But to believe that, you must believe that evil spirits are real and you can be victim to them. Truly I say to you, when you put your faith in our Lord, there is nothing you can be victim to."

Jesus faced the crowd and opened his mouth, so that the Holy Spirit could pour forth.

"Do not underestimate the power of your own belief, for what you believe, you will witness. If you believe in evil, you will find evil around you, and you will want to defend yourself from it, so you will attack. You may say this to that one or do that to this one, or you may attack with your thoughts of grievance or your words of gossip. Whatever form it takes, attack is attack, and attack is not of God. And so in attacking, you have separated yourself from God.

"I ask you, what is evil but opposition to God's Will? Would it be God's Will that you separate yourself from Him?"

There was a quiet pause.

"It is our Father's Will that you be in communion with Him with every thought in your day. So when you think you see evil and feel thoughts of attack rise up in your defense, turn to our Lord in prayer. Say to Him, 'Father, it is not Your Will that I be separate from you, so it is not my will that I be separate. I rejoin with you by letting go of my attack. I give this attack to you, that you may do with it as it is Your Will. I ask nothing of you but peace.'

"Through prayer such as this, evil will fade from your sight. The Father will protect you within His realm of peace, and you will be able to rest for all of your days."

(v 33 - 37) Later, Jesus asked the apostles what they had been arguing about when he, Peter, James and John had come upon them. The apostles were embarrassed to answer him, because they had been defending themselves against the crowd and from one another. Each one thought he was the better disciple. Each one thought he was closest to the master, and therefore, above the rest.

Jesus waited in silence as drink was served to them. Then, once again, he opened his mouth, that the Holy Spirit may speak.

"The one who knows his greatness is the one who sees himself like the rest. The one in service of his brothers serves them because it is his desire to serve himself."

Jesus invited a child to stand beside him. "When you look on this child, you look upon me. One is not different from the other. And when you see our innocence joined as one innocence within out Lord, you have seen your Self and found your innocence. There, your greatness lies, in the innocence that is found within our Lord. For this innocence He has shared with you, and so this innocence is you."

Jesus patted the child on the head, and the child ran off with its mother.

"Love one another as you love me. In this way, you serve our Lord and your Self. Never doubt that Love is one. To love one is to love another, and to love them both is to love us all. Seek only after love, and let all that is not love go from your mind as useless."

(v 38 - 41) "Teacher," said John. "We saw a man teaching in your name, and we asked him to stop, because he is not one of us."

"He does not need to stop," replied Jesus. "He does not need to walk with us and eat with us to be one with us. The heavenly Father made us one, and so one is what we are.

"The differences that we see among us are shallow and unimportant. They are visible on the surface only. Like all things in this world, they will not last. Do not focus on the differences. They will distract you from the Light.

"Our Father created us as one, and so one is what we are. We cannot be different than how our Father created us. It is our essence, our being.

"This man who teaches in my name teaches not for me or against me; he teaches with me, for we cannot be apart in purpose or in truth.

"God will call many teachers to do his work, and each one may seem to teach in his own way. But the Father's message is always consistent. It is the simple message of love and oneness. Whenever you hear this message, be grateful for what you hear. Do not be distracted by what may seem to be differences.

"I tell you the truth. Anyone who gives his brother even a cup of water because he knows his brother is the Christ, teaches with authority from the Father."

(v 42 - 50) "I tell you, watch yourself regarding your brother. Your mind and your heart are your only concern. If you think you see your brother sin, ask the Holy Spirit to help you see differently. Remember your purpose in all things.

"If you think you have done wrong, ask the Holy Spirit to help you see differently. Remember your purpose in all things.

"If you think you have strayed from our Father's path, ask the Holy Spirit to help you see differently. Remember your purpose in all things.

"If you think you see evil and your mind believes it is true, ask the Holy Spirit to help you see differently. Remember your purpose in all things.

"Whenever your thoughts have strayed from the Father, remember that the Father is your only purpose. Remember that you would see with His Love, and anything that is not His Love is not what you desire. And since you do not desire it, do not hold onto it. For to hold onto anything you do not desire is to pick up and cling to a burden.

"Burdens of the heart will slow you down along your way. Do not be tempted by their glitter. Remember your purpose in all things, and do not let yourself forget. In this way, you are the salt of the earth. "Be salt within your hearts, and be at peace with one another."