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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Mark
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 24 - 30) Jesus went away on a retreat, that he may have some time in prayer and meditation with the Holy Spirit, but a woman ran across him there. She recognized the man, Jesus, because she had heard of him, and she knew this man before her was him.

The woman fell to her knees before Jesus, torn between emotions of despair, because of her problem, and gratitude for finding Jesus there. She asked Jesus for his help. Her daughter seemed to be possessed of evil spirit. The woman did not know what to do. She wanted her daughter healed, so that the problem would go away.

Jesus touched the woman on the top of the head and extended love to her. There was a time of silence between them. A shift occurred within the woman's mind. In Jesus' presence, she was aware of the presence of love. All that was not love seemed to fade from her awareness. She became aware that her concerns were not as serious as she had once thought. She looked at the master with openness in her heart. "What words would you share with me?" she asked.

The master smiled at the woman, for she had come seeking healing for her daughter, but now she sought healing for herself.

"Go to your daughter," Jesus answered, "and see that she is well. Extend love to her, as I have to you. Be patient with her, as I have been with you. Do not judge her, as I have not judged you. See that she is well, as I have seen that you are well. Let her come to know her state of wellness through your love, as you have come to know your state of wellness through mine."

The woman kissed Jesus' hands with gratitude and ran off to her home, eager to love her daughter as Jesus had loved her.

This woman and her daughter were not Jewish, so this story has been mistold. The story was shared by word of mouth, beginning with the woman's telling of the story. But those who could not see without seeing differences could not hear the story without hearing differences within it.

One listens with the mind that one seems to have, unless one is willing to lay that mind aside and listen with a new mind.

(v 31 - 37) In Jesus' travels without the apostles, as they were out teaching and learning from the Holy Spirit, Jesus ran across a man who was hungry and sad and who begged for assistance from anyone who passed. Jesus sat with this man and communicated with him, although the man could not hear and could not speak.

The man became joyous and filled with energy. His only thought was to extend communication, so he left the place where he had been sitting. Forgetting his hunger, he went into the town to extend communication. Jesus went off into a quiet place to do the same.

NTI Mark, Chapter 8

(v 1 - 13) When Jesus was joined together with his apostles again, a large crowd gathered with them. For by now, each of the apostles seemed to have followers of their own, and with each of them came even more.

All of the people set up camp together, that they may learn together and celebrate together. It was a joyous gathering. The people were excited to hear the words of the master, Jesus.

Jesus looked on the crowd and saw that they hungered for truth, but they believed the truth could be given them by a master who knew more of truth than they. Jesus wanted to teach them that the value they sought was found within the mind, so he proceeded to teach the crowd in this way:

Jesus asked the apostles to gather all of the food that they had brought with them. When the food was gathered together, Jesus said a blessing over the food. He spoke loudly for all to hear, and he thanked the heavenly Father for unlimited bounty. Then he asked the apostles to distribute the food evenly among all of the men who had gathered there. He asked the men to share the food with those who had come with them.

The food was broken into very small pieces, not even large enough for one man to consider a bite, and these small pieces were passed out to be shared among the groups that had come with each man.

When the food had been distributed, Jesus gave the instruction to eat. Everyone in the crowd did as Jesus asked. And then Jesus taught them.

"Every man and woman and child who is gathered here today has been given all that he needs in order to find the presence of our Father. Our heavenly Father is not of this world, so He cannot be found in this world. Seek not in the world for our Lord. Seek not from men. Seek where this tiny morsel of food has gone. Let it be your guide. Follow it to the presence of the Father within, and let Him guide you to the truth you seek.

"Truly I tell you, no one lacks the guidance of our Father, for everyone has been given the same."

Then Jesus led the people in a long period of prayer and meditation. Many came to discover the presence of the Father within as Jesus had instructed them.