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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Mark
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Many worries and concerns swirled within Peter's mind, which was also filled with confusion and doubt. Peter sat down to practice as the master had taught them to practice. He looked at each thought that came into his mind and gave it to the Holy Spirit in faith for the purpose of healing. In this way, Peter cleared his mind of all the thoughts that cluttered it and kept him restless, and peacefulness came over him.

As Peter sat quietly, enjoying all encompassing peace, he heard the voice of his master within his mind. Thinking this voice was his imagination, he willingly turned it over to the Holy Spirit for the purpose of healing, but the voice was given back to him. "Peter, it is I."

Peter rested quietly, clearing his mind of confusing thoughts as quickly as they seemed to come up.

"It is I, Peter. We are in meditation together, as we are joined and one through our Holy Spirit. Come with me, Peter, one in our purpose and faith. Enjoy the love of our God, which is our Self."

And then, Peter felt as if the master and the Holy Spirit and the Lord together reached out and touched him within his mind. Peter basked in a glory and joy he had not known before.

Peter sat in peace on the deck until sunrise when the other apostles began to awaken. He was grateful for this experience given him by the master from across the waters of the lake. The master rested comfortably, gratefully pleased that he was guided lovingly in all things.

NTI Mark, Chapter 7

(v 1 - 23) Jesus gathered with the apostles and other disciples in a place outside Jerusalem, so it was easy for a group of Pharisees to come and see Jesus there. Some within the group of Pharisees were eager to hear Jesus' words and were open to them. Others hoped to discredit Jesus before his disciples. In this way, the mind of the Pharisees was split as they went to see Jesus. Therefore, what Jesus seemed to do that day was seen differently by different keepers of the law.

When one listens, it is the mind he listens with. So some of the Pharisees on this day heard Jesus speak of love and peace and of God as wholly loving. A restfulness came over their hearts and a peace filled their minds as they became aware of the gloriousness within his words.

Because of the split within the mind, other Pharisees seemed distracted by what was going on within the crowd. They seemed to notice every movement within the crowd, and they made judgments based on what they saw. They did not hear Jesus' words, the meaning of love, or the peace that was beyond the words.

The Pharisees who were not listening to Jesus were aware of many happenings, which the Pharisees who were listening were not aware of. Therefore, it was the Pharisees who were distracted that noticed some of Jesus' disciples ate without washing their hands. The Pharisees who listened with an open heart did not notice.

"Why do your disciples eat without washing their hands?" asked the distracted Pharisees. "This is against our tradition. Through this practice, they are made unclean. Doesn't this make them unfit for the worship of our Lord?"

ALL eyes turned toward the Pharisees, as if they had just entered the discussion from some other place of awareness. Jesus peacefully arose and motioned toward all of the men as he spoke.

"Everyone is fit to worship our Lord. Every heart within the child of God is clean and free of every thought of uncleanliness. Nothing the child does can make him unclean, for the child inherits the cleanliness of the Father."

"But, Master," a disciple asked. "Surely a man who sins and breaks the law is unclean, and he must make a sacrifice to our Lord before he is permitted to worship Him."

Jesus looked at the disciple with a gentleness in his gaze. "Nothing a man does can make him unclean, for his cleanliness comes from within, beyond the unclean thoughts. If a man believes the unclean thoughts within his mind, he will act on them. But if a man does not believe the unclean thoughts in his mind, he will not act on them. If a man has a choice about his thoughts, these thoughts cannot be the essence of the man, for no man has a choice regarding his essence. The essence of a man simply is, without his choice or his action. His essence cannot change, for his essence is given him by God.

"This essence of which I speak is within every man, beneath the thoughts that seem to be clean or unclean and beyond the actions that seem to be clean or unclean. It is a man's essence that worships God. It is essence that defines who he is."

E very one who listened was amazed at Jesus' answer. But those who were not willing to listen thought he said nothing at all.