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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Mark
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Jesus stopped and turned to see where this tug had come from. He saw this woman's tear-stained face staring up at him. "What ails you, woman?" he asked. She explained her ailment and her sense of worthlessness to Jesus. He felt great love and compassion for her. He reached out to help her get close to him, and he stared lovingly into her eyes.

"I tell you," he whispered. "You are not worthless. You are like a jewel that shines bright before the eyes of our Lord, only you have been unaware of your brightness. It is within you, awaiting only your recognition and welcome. Go home. In silence, ask this brightness to make itself known to you. It will, and it will bring with it great energy and love and joy. Go now and ask. You will receive." The woman did as Jesus asked. And through her faith and vigilance, her ailment went away.

(v 35 - 43) It was only a little further up the road that Jesus and Jairus met messengers from the house of Jairus. "Your daughter is dead," they told him. "You do not need the master now."

Jesus did not feel right about the message that the messengers brought. He felt within him that he should go to the house and they would find the child alive there. He told Jairus, "Your daughter is not dead. Let us go and see her." One of the messengers spoke up immediately. "She is dead. I'm sorry, Jairus, but I saw her myself. She had no breath. Your daughter is dead." Jesus felt a sense of urgency, so he asked his apostles to stay and work with the crowd. He took only three apostles with him. They hurried along the road to Jairus' house. When Jesus arrived, there were signs of mourning and hysteria about the house. Jesus asked everyone to step outside, that he may see the girl alone.

Jesus felt intuitive guidance to hold the girl's tongue with his fingers in order to clear the air passageway, and then he breathed into her mouth. Soon, a light choking began. Jesus stepped back to watch the girl take her first breaths alone. He asked his disciples to go and get the girl's parents. As they came into the room, she opened her eyes.

"But she was dead!" the mother exclaimed.

"She was not dead," Jesus answered. "She was only sleeping, and now she has awakened to you again."

Everyone was amazed that this man should do this. Word of Jesus began to spread even faster than before.

NTI Mark, Chapter 6

(v 1 - 6) After spending some time with Jairus and his family, teaching them the truth of God within, Jesus went to his home town in order to see his mother and brothers and sisters. He knew they were worried about him, and he wanted to let them see the glory that he had found. While there, Jesus was given the opportunity to speak in the synagogue. He spoke in depth of the joy of finding God within and of the miraculous process of healing the mind. Some asked questions about rumors of healing. Jesus answered each question in truth. The people could not believe the change in this man. They looked at the faces of his sisters and brothers to judge if this change should be regarded as good or not. Most came to the conclusion that it was not good and that Jesus should return home to work and raise a family as his father did. But a few people heard something else as Jesus spoke. These few gathered with Jesus in private to ask questions and learn more. Jesus' mother was among these few, as her eyes were opened to a truth beyond the body of her son.

(v 7 - 13) When Jesus left his home town, he went from village to village teaching the good news. He let his apostles ask many questions, always answering them to their full. When the time came that he knew they were ready, he sent them out two-by-two to fulfill the purpose for which he had gathered them, the spreading of the Word. He knew that it was through their own participation as teachers that they themselves would learn and see, and so he was very grateful for this plan of healing. Jesus gave the apostles instructions before sending them out. Mostly, he wanted to emphasize the importance of trusting the Holy Spirit in all things.

"You do not know," he told them. "Only the Holy Spirit knows, so trust His guidance within you. Do not think for yourself about what to do or say. Ask Him, and listen in faith for His response. He shall lead you truly. It is His plan you are sent to carry out.

"Do not look to your own effort for food or drink or shelter. Think only of the work He has sent you to do. All else will be offered through His Grace. When you go into a town, sleep where a bed is offered you. Do not ask for more than you are offered. Eat what is given you, and be grateful for everything you are given. It comes from Him, that you may focus on His work.