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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Mark
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

"I am the demons," the man answered. "A legion of them! You cannot touch me. My power is greater than yours, Son of God." "Yes, I imagine it is," Jesus said. The apostles were shocked by his manner and words. "I imagine that you have the power to do whatever you wish of your own choice." "Of course I do!" screamed the man. "Then I should like to see you leave this man," Jesus said.

"Then we would be homeless!" screamed the man, as if he truly thought himself to be a legion of demons. Jesus stepped closer to the man, but only a little. He knew the man was frightened in spite of his ferocious appearance, and Jesus did not want to frighten him anymore. Jesus only wanted to help the man see that his sanity was within him and his insanity was foreign to him, so insanity could be let go. Jesus noticed a herd of pigs in the distance. He pointed them out to the man. "I would like to see that you are truly a legion of demons and not just one. Can you leave this man and inhabit that herd of pigs?"

"Of course we can!" the man replied. "We can do anything!" "ALL right then," smiled Jesus. "Go into the pigs and show that you have truly left. Let me talk to this man without you." The man turned to face the pigs, screaming insanities at the Lord as he did. Then he quieted and smiled a proud smile, as if he had accomplished something great. "Is this the man before me now?" Jesus asked. "It is!" answered the man, still using a proud tone that led the apostles to feel suspicious. Jesus walked to the man and put his arm around him. "Let's go for a walk and talk for a bit. Just you and me."

The man went with Jesus. The apostles watched as Jesus and the man knelt under a tree, ripping pieces of grass with their hands, talking quietly.

After some time, Jesus and the man returned to the group. "Josiah has agreed to go home," Jesus announced. "He will have support there and will be able to continue his healing. Come. Let's walk with him. We may find food there," Jesus coaxed.

So Jesus and the apostles walked Josiah home, talking with him in a friendly and cordial way. They walked passed the herd of pigs, who relaxed peacefully in the warming morning sun. They walked passed local villagers, who were shocked by what they saw. And they took Josiah to his family, who were overjoyed to see their father in this way. Jesus spent some time talking to Josiah's wife, giving her advice instructions, and sharing teachings. She seemed to listen to Jesus eagerly. When Jesus and the apostles left, Jesus felt confident that Josiah and his entire family would allow themselves to be healed. He left the family in the hands of the Holy Spirit, grateful that he had run across this loving family.

(v 21 - 34) With each day, Jesus felt his closeness to the Holy Spirit growing. It increased within his mind. A merging seemed to occur. Jesus knew the Holy Spirit as his constant companion, as close as his breath and a part of his Self.

With this awareness, Jesus' teaching and healing activity became more natural for him. He was no longer bothered by the crowds. He didn't notice crowds. He only saw one mind in need of healing, and his only purpose became the healing of that one mind. One day, Jesus was with his disciples and a large crowd of people when a man named Jairus approached Jesus. Jairus was a synagogue leader, and some thought he may have come to trick Jesus. But Jesus saw sincerity within this man. His daughter was sick, and he sought healing for her, but he knew healing came from God. He believed Jesus to have a special relationship with God, so he sought out Jesus, that God might heal his daughter through him.

Jesus wanted this man to know that God was within him also, but the distraction of the crowd, combined with the man's fear, was too much for a quiet and purposeful conversation. Jesus agreed to go with Jairus to his home, that he might be given the opportunity to talk truth with him there. As Jesus, Jairus and the apostles started off, the crowds followed them. Many were eager to touch Jesus, since it was rumored that touching him could bring healing. Jesus met each touch with a loving gaze, and many felt better in his presence. One woman had been drained of her energy for many years. Her husband said she was useless as a wife. It bothered her greatly to be seen as useless, and so her lack of energy was accompanied by depression. When she heard that Jesus was nearby, she asked her sisters to help her make the trip to see him.

The woman and her sisters saw Jesus and the crowd walking up the road. They positioned themselves within the road, so as to be next to Jesus when he passed. As Jesus neared them, the woman's sisters helped her to her feet, that she may stroke his hair. She reached out to touch his head, but was unable to make the reach. Desperate to know herself as worthy of love, she ran after Jesus. In her weakness, she tripped and fell, but she was able to touch his garment as she fell. Jesus felt a tug.