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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Mark
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 24 - 34) After stopping to eat, and after listening to the casual conversation of the apostles, Jesus continued his teaching to them. He asked the woman of the house to bring him some grain and a measuring cup, that he may make a point for the apostles. "Your judgment is like this grain," Jesus said, pouring the grain into a cup. "With the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Jesus laughed and poured the measure of grain onto an apostle's head. Caught up in the playfulness of the moment, he tossed another handful of grain at the apostle. "Even more!" he laughed. The joy of the moment spread around the table, and more wine was served.

"What is within your heart now is the measure of your love, but this measure is not limited. As you live up to the measure you have, more is given. And from there, even more." Jesus smiled at his apostles. They listened intently to all of his words. "But if you do not live up to your love, your love will be lost to you. Let those who have ears, listen." "Master?" an apostle asked. "Will you tell us what the kingdom of Heaven is like?" Jesus knew that the apostle did not yet understand even his question, so Jesus used a parable to illustrate it for them. Yes. This is what the kingdom of God is like." He motioned to them, as if he was going to tell them a great secret. The apostles leaned forward in anticipation.

"A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, whether he seems to think of the seed or not, the seed sprouts and grows. It is not through his effort that this has happened. The man does not know how the seed grows, but he sees the evidence of its growth, and he is grateful for it. All by itself, the soil produces the grain. First the stalk, then the head, and then the full kernel within the head. And then it is ripe, and all of this happened because the man was willing to plant the seed. "Give your willingness to let the Word be planted within you. It shall grow and ripen, and then you shall know the kingdom of God. "Let me tell you this another way. There are so many ways to describe this glory!

"The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of seeds that you plant in the ground. Yet when it is planted, it grows into the largest of garden plants, standing tall for all to. see. Even the birds enjoy perching in its branches." The apostles laughed at the image Jesus provided for them, for truly it was a happy and joyous image. Through parables and explanations of parables, Jesus taught the apostles all they wanted to know about the kingdom of God. Through his teaching, the joy of all increased.

(v 35 - 41) When the hour grew late, Jesus and his apostles took their leave. They traveled by boat, and Jesus went to sleep there. As he slept, a wild storm shook their little convoy of boats. The apostles grew very afraid and woke their master in case something dreadful should happen. Jesus did not seem alarmed by the storm. He smiled at the apostles without opening his eyes. "It is no matter," he said. "This storm is nothing of consequence." "Aren't you afraid we will drown?" they asked. Jesus got up with them and went out onto the deck. Already, the storm was passing. "See," Jesus smiled. "The Son of God has nothing to fear. ALL is calm now." It seemed to the apostles that as Jesus spoke, the winds completely died down. Jesus went back to continue his slumber, but the apostles gathered to discuss this claim that Jesus was the Son of God.

NTI Mark, Chapter 5

(v 1 - 20) The next morning, Jesus and the apostles stepped ashore in an area near some burial tombs. The apostles were hungry, so Jesus led them up a path looking for something they could eat. A woman on morning errands approached them and recommended they choose another path. "There is a demon-possessed man living there among the tombs," she pointed. "He is very dangerous. The men have tried chaining him for our safety, but he always breaks away!"

The apostles were afraid of this woman's story and urged Jesus to select another path. "Have you learned nothing?" Jesus asked with a teasing smile. "The Son of God has nothing to fear." Just then, the man the woman spoke of showed himself from behind a bush. He began circling the small group, cursing God and pointing up to the sky. The apostles stepped closer together, wondering how the master would handle this situation.

Jesus smiled at the enraged man. "You have nothing to fear. We come in peace." "Peace! Ha!" the man mocked. "I heard you talking. You are the Son of God!" And then the man continued his insane cursing of the Lord, this time pointing directly at Jesus. "And who are you?" Jesus asked in a friendly and casual tone.