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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Mark
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 18 - 20) As Jesus' listening and understanding increased, the traditions of Jesus' world began to fall away from him. It was this letting go of the ways of the world that his people could not understand, and so they asked him about it. Jesus explained that as one comes to know God within the heart, only God within the heart comes to be important to him. And all that is not within the heart loses its importance. But they were not ready for these words, and so they did not understand.

(v 21,22) Jesus loved the people and wanted to help them understand, and so he gave examples through illustrations. "Awareness of truth is a newness that fills you with light, different from anything you seemed to know before. How can one be filled with such newness, such light and such difference and not seem to be different on the outside? What is inside is seen outside, and so by seeing the outside, you know the inside is changing too."

(v 23,24) In his joy, Jesus went about his work following the prompts (guidance) of the Holy Spirit and rejoicing in gratitude for all that was given him. But those who saw the change, without the willingness to see the Light, could not see the Light that Jesus followed. They thought him to be a horrible sinner, for he broke the law and yet claimed to lead men to God.

(v 25 - 28) Jesus was patient with their accusations, for he understood their confusion. He explained that the law was made for man, but man was meant to transcend the limits of the law. Since his accusers were not willing to see the Light, they could not understand his words, and it scared them that people were being fooled by this man.

NTI Mark, Chapter 3

(v 1 - 6) Jesus taught in the synagogue, and people listened with great interest and curiosity. This bothered the Jewish religious leaders who feared that the people had less interest in what they had to say. They planned to discredit Jesus in front of all the people, so that the people would turn away from him. They knew the people trusted the law, so they challenged Jesus on his understanding and practice of the law.

Jesus was not fooled by their intent, and he knew that his answers would not convince them to see differently. Jesus turned all of this over to the Holy Spirit and asked for Spirit's guidance. It was Spirit's Will to give all who would see an opportunity to see differently now. And so the Spirit turned a shriveled hand into a healthy one, that all men may know that distortion can be replaced with newness when willingness is given for newness to be received.

(v 7 - 12) Jesus found the work of teaching to be difficult, for few seemed to want to hear the good news of the kingdom and take it to heart. Word and rumors of healing spread quickly. People came from far and wide to seek healing for their bodies, without concern for their hearts. Often, Jesus felt led to retreat from the crowds. Lost within them, he felt useless, so in solitude he sought to find his purpose again.

(v 13 - 19) It was in silence that Jesus received guidance to pick twelve who seemed interested in healing the heart and focus his efforts on teaching those twelve. In this way, the Word he had learned would spread, and many would discover truth through them. So Jesus found twelve who had asked him sincere questions of the heart. These twelve he called apostles, and he promised to teach them all that he had learned, that they might teach others.

(v 20 - 30) Many did not understand Jesus. The pressure put on him was great. The crowds wanted their bodies healed. His family wanted him to come home and rest. The Jewish leaders wanted him quieted. And so one day, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Jesus was given the opportunity to address all of them.

In spite of their misunderstandings, people grew quiet when Jesus prepared to speak, so he was able to address them without talking in a loud voice. "You say that I am possessed of demons and I drive out demons, but if I am a brother to the demons, why would I drive them away? A house divided cannot stand. I am not helpful as a demon if it is demons I drive away. "You say I have lost my mind and forgotten who I am, wandering the countryside like a lunatic, but does a lunatic know love and peace as I do? Does a lunatic have great friends as I do? I have not forgotten who I am. I know who I am fully. A house divided cannot stand, and with this wisdom, I stand lovingly by my brothers now.

"You say that I have magic to heal the sick and injured, but I say one man cannot heal another. Look within yourself and find what keeps you from being healed, that you may overcome that thing and be healed." Each one knew when Jesus was talking to him. And although they may not have understood his words fully, they saw his sincerity. On this day, Jesus was able to walk away from the crowd in silence.

(v 31 - 35) Jesus' family followed him and his apostles to a quiet place, and they asked to be admitted inside to speak to him. Jesus knew they had come to ask him to return home, so he sent a messenger out to them to explain that his family is the family of God, and his duty now was to do as his heavenly Father asked. Jesus also sent an invitation that his family join him, for the family of God is one.