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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 11 - 14) A king is a leader, a lord, and the Voice for God is the lord for the lost son of God. For it is this Holy Spirit that calls the son Home, and when the son turns to answer his Father's call, it is the Holy Spirit that leads him there. In this way, Jesus was the king of the Jews. He offered himself as a teacher unto his people, that they might hear the truth for themselves. Many have heard and answered the call through him,

(v 15 - 26) Fear comes from guilt, for one who feels guilty expects retaliation, and he becomes afraid. This is what is pictured within this scripture. Each one, in his way, acts out of fear to avoid what he believes will be the effects of his guilt.

(v 27 - 31) Hatred and cruelty are madness, but madness is not sin. Madness is confusion believed. In the world, it may appear that there are different levels of madness. You may see worry to be much less extreme than hatred and cruelty. But I say to you, all madness is the same regardless of the form it seems to take. Forgive your brother his madness, and forgive yourself the same. Do not believe confusion. Let the thought of it go. It does not matter what confusion seems to do to you or do within the world. Confusion is based on illusion, and so confusion is illness. Delusion and confusion must be let go to be healed.

(v 32)The man who carried the cross for Jesus was not forced. This is a misunderstanding. Simon represents the angels, which are the thoughts of the Holy Spirit. Angels take all burdens away when your burdens are offered to them.

(v 33, 34) Jesus did not take the narcotic that was so lovingly offered him, but he did accept the love that was offered with it. It was this love that he carried with him to the cross, in gratitude for his brothers and sisters who are one with him.

(v 35, 36)The soldiers casting lots for Jesus' clothes symbolize the belief in separateness, but the soldiers are not separate from Jesus. They are one with him. It is only within the fantasy of their minds that they are not. They keep this fantasy within their minds, because they believe it protects them, and it may seem to for a little while, but the crucifixion must come to all who believe the Son of God can be crucified. For the crucifixion comes from the belief in guilt. It is not the effect of guilt itself, for the Son of God is innocent. His beliefs about himself have caused no effects in Heaven.

(v 37) The sign that was placed above Jesus' head was meant as a statement of guilt, but I say it is a statement of innocence recognized. For it declares this man not to be a man, and in that declaration, all seeming guilt disappears.

(v 38 - 40) Guilt cast onto others is guilt not cast away. No one can see another as guilty and see himself as innocent, because he believes that guilt is real.

I ask you, let go of the belief in guilt itself Without the belief, guilt will be no more.

(v 41 - 44) Jesus did not see his accusers and tormenters as guilty, because Jesus did not believe in guilt. He knew they suffered from delusion. Jesus looked on them in love, not seeing their delusions, but their truth. He loved their truth, because their truth is Love. And Jesus was grateful for his sight.

(v 45 - 49) God has not forsaken you. It is you who sees this in the world. When you believe God has forsaken you, you do not know God. You believe your confusion, and you are not letting it go. Knowing the truth takes faith, for to know it you must let go of everything you seem to know now. This will not be easy if you choose to believe in the world, for the world that you see is your confusion.

Let go of the confusion in the mind first. Do it in faith, and you will be given the eyes of faith to see a different world.

(v 50 - 53) This scripture has one purpose and one purpose only, The point of this scripture is that death isn't real. There can be no death,

(v 54) This scripture points to where your faith is leading you, to this recognition about yourself. Truly, all you knew before was but illusion. Upon this recognition, you will be awake and the glory of God shall be yours.

(v 55, 56) This scripture also has one purpose, to show there is no separateness in God. It is all One, and One is all that is.

(v 57 - 61) Death is an illusion of form. ALL that can be seen of death can only be seen within the form of the world.

(v 62 - 66) You who feel safe within the illusion of form fear death. But there is a fear that is greater than your fear of death. It is your fear of Life. It is your fear of Self. It is your fear of truth. It is this fear that you protect, hidden beneath your fear of death, by accepting death as your final reward.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 28

(v 1 - 4) Let not your fear frighten you. Fear can keep you from Me. Look at your fear and let it go, that you may join with Me and be one with Life.

(v 5 - 8) t is your faith that is needed now. Let your faith be greater than your fear. Through faith, overcome fear, and joy shall be your final reward.

(v 9, 10) You shall know Me, for I am one with you. The knowledge of Me cannot be kept from your heart, for I am one with your heart, and I am your Heart.

(v 11 - 15) Do not listen to the ego-thoughts within your mind. Your belief in separation is great. And this belief will seem to sprout many doubts within your mind. But on what basis do you put your faith in doubt over Me? Why choose to believe conflict over peace? Why choose fear over love? Listen to Me. The thoughts that come into your mind are born of two fathers. One is the Father of Love, and in Him you are one with Me. The other is the father of illusion, for every child can have only one true Father. Lay down your doubts. Listen not to their evidence, and the truth of your Father will rise into your mind like a light to shine away all doubt (v 16 - 20)Go in faith, and I will lead you. Let go of all doubt, and listen to Me. It is the truth of your Self that I bring to share. Through overcoming doubt, you will hear Me. Amen.