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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 36 - 38) Jesus represents the one Son of God, and as a symbol of this mind, he experiences what this mind experiences. As one who experiences the experiences of the mind, Jesus steps forth as a model, for Jesus was not held back by his experiences. He did not let them stop him. He did not view them as his reality. Jesus was one who knew his reality to be greater than the experiences of the world. This enabled him to lay his experiences aside, that he may know truth.

(v 39) The experience in this scripture is something you experience all of the time, so is it surprising that Jesus, who is one with you, should experience it also? But Jesus is the model of forgiveness. Jesus did not deny his egoic thoughts. Jesus exposed his thoughts and admitted to them. But then he let them go quickly, secure in the knowledge that his purpose is one with God's.

(v 40, 41)Now Jesus asks his disciples to follow his example. Keep watch on your mind. Do not sleep, for you must be aware of your thoughts as Jesus was, that you may also let them go in peace.

(v 42) Forgiveness may not seem to be complete all at once. It may seem that thoughts are released only to return again. Let this not disturb you. Follow the example of Jesus given in this scripture. Go in peace and forgive in faith again.

(v 43, 44)It is the alert mind that will make forgiveness complete. Focus on your purpose. Watch your mind. Let go of all thoughts that do not support the purpose of Love.

(v 45, 46) Judas is the symbol of the mind that has not let go of its confusion. This mind believes its thoughts and holds onto them. Jesus wanted his disciples to wake up and see this aspect of mind, that they may be aware of the danger of keeping their worldly thoughts.

(v 47 - 49) The mind that believes its confusion does not know it is lost from love, for it is lost and it believes it loves. The symbol of a kiss emphasizes the confusion, that you may look within yourself and find where you seem to pretend to love, when truly you are denying your confusion.

Confusion comes from a belief in separateness. ^Confusion is denied, because the belief is also denied.

(v 50) Arrest symbolizes what the denied, confused mind seems to do to the Son of God. It makes him prisoner of his confusion. In his prison, the Son of God forgets that he is free. Listen to Me. I am talking to you about you. You deny your confusion and your fear, and so you are a prisoner of your own denial.

(v 51 - 54) The disciple with the sword is also symbolic of the belief in confusion and fear. In his belief, he attacks, thinking that attack will protect him. But attack does not protect. Attack furthers the cycle of confusion. Through attack, you are further lost from God.

(v 55, 56) Let go of your self. Surrender to the situation and accept it When you fight or hide, you are denying the truth that I share. And you are protecting the belief that has become so dear to you. I ask you to give up this belief by coming with Me. Lay your self aside.

(v 57 - 64)Jesus remained silent when false witness was brought against him, because to answer to this witness would have been to declare it and the world as real. But Jesus stood before the world forgiving it, letting it go within his mind. Jesus did not, however, deny the truth. The truth he willingly acknowledged, even though he knew it may not be understood.

(v 65 - 68) As you watch your mind now (while reading this scripture), you see these men who hit Jesus, spat on him and showed him all kinds of disrespect as guilty men. For you believe that to deny innocence is guilt. I tell you, this is not a feeling you have about them. This is a feeling you have about yourself. For you believe that to deny innocence is guilt, and yet you believe that you deny your Self, and so you assume that you must be guilty.

I say to you, you are not guilty of your denial. You are not guilty of your fear. What you have done within your mind has caused nothing at all. God is one, and Heaven continues to sing its praises to our Father. We merely wait for you to forgive yourself and join us within our joy.

(v 69 - 75) Аs the rooster crowed, Peter began the process of forgiveness. He let that which had been hidden be shown to him. This is the first step in letting it go.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 27

(v 1 - 10) In this scripture, Judas symbolizes the dance of guilt. It is one of death, for this is what you believe you deserve for denial and attack on innocence. And so the Son of God seems to die, and life itself cannot be itself. This is the illusion of the world, born from the illusion of guilt. Be not sad that this illusion has taken hold of you, for it is only an illusion. There is no truth to it at all. Have faith with Me. The chief priests represent your denial, for you have denied that the world and all that is in it is of your making, born of your belief in guilt, a product of your fear. The world is like the potter's field. It is a place used to hide guilt out of fear, and it is a place where foreigners go. I say to you, the self that you think you are is but a foreigner to your true Self, for the purpose of this self is the denial of guilt and fear. These are foreign purposes. Listen to Me. Let go of your foreign purposes, and remember the purpose of your Father. There, within that remembrance, your truth is.