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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 15 - 25) The world is confusing when you think it is real, and it will deceive you. Caught in its deception, you will suffer. But the suffering you endure is temporal and can be given up when you are ready, for it is only your belief that makes the suffering real. If you are willing to give up the belief, the suffering will go too. For the world and all you see in it is based on the belief that you can be separate from God. If you can be separate from God, you can be separate from holiness, and so it is lack and suffering that you shall find. The world is a reflection of this belief, and so the world is the symbol of conflict, lack and sorrow. Within the world, you will think that holiness is separate from you, because this is what you believe.

(v 26 - 28)1 have told you that My guidance comes from within, and there I Am also. Do not look for Me within the world. Do not imagine that I am separate from you. The world is a place of illusions, because its reflection is a deception and untruth. Listen to Me. I am telling you what I want you to know.

(v 29 - 31) The end is not how you have imagined it, for the end is not a time of separation and suffering. The end of time is a blessing brought about by the release of the belief in separation, for the end of time is the end of the world, and the world is the reflection of this belief.

(v 32 - 35) When you notice that the world is everything I say it is, you are becoming ready within your heart. When you prefer love to conflict, you will begin to listen to Me. When you prefer oneness to separateness, you will ask Me how to think. When you are tired of loss, lack and suffering, you will give yourself to Me to be made complete. All this you can choose, and in all this, I am with you.

(v 36 - 41)The resurrection will not be a surprise. The resurrection will be of your own choosing, for when you are ready, you will be resurrected. In this way, it may seem as if one is taken and another is left, but that is the illusion of the world. For the one who is taken goes of his own choice and takes all that is with him. And the one who is left has but yet to make the choice. There is no lack in God. Lack is an illusion of the world. For that which is not separate must be complete, and that which is complete can suffer no lack.

(v 42 - 44) If the Son of God could come when you did not expect him, the Son of God would be like a thief taking you before you are ready. For if your heart is still in the world, you are not ready for Heaven. is you who must prepare yourself for Heaven. And therefore, you must ask Heaven to come to you.

(v 45 - 51)Do not be afraid of God. For the fear of God will keep you from Him. I say to you, God is your peace, and so it is peace you must seek. When you have found peace, you have found God. When you are lost from peace, you are lost from God. All of this is within the power of your choice.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 25

(v 1-13) Keep watch within your mind.

I have already told you that the world is not real. You will not find your peace by looking there. If you look to the world for peace, you are like the five foolish virgins. They had some light for a little while, and the world may give you moments of peace, joy and warmth. But just as the light did not last throughout the night for the foolish virgins, the world cannot give you lasting peace.

The world is the darkness of the night. And you cannot look to the darkness for light.

Be like the five wise virgins. Do not look to the world for peace. Look where I Am. By looking to Me, you will find the light that never goes out.

(v 14 - 30)The story of the servants with talents is a story of faith. One servant believed the fear he thought he saw, and he reacted to his belief as if it were real. Fear begets fear. If you seek evidence of fear within the world, the world will provide you with your fill. And there is the weeping and gnashing of teeth, lost within the illusion of fear.

But fear is an illusion, and all illusions can be overcome.

Be like the other two servants who did not place their faith in fear. Have faith beyond your fear, and you shall reap your reward even within the world. For the world is a place of fear, but fear is not real. Therefore, the perception of a fearful world cannot be real either.