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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 5 -12) Holiness is not of the world, and so you cannot be made holy by what you do in the world. Do not be confused by your actions or the actions of others. All things within the world serve one of two purposes: They either distract you from Heaven and tie you to the world, or they free you from the world and bring you closer to the awareness of Heaven. If you seek glory from men, you are choosing to be bound to this world, for men are of the world. There are no men in Heaven. There is only One. Choose now to please only the One by doing as I ask. Let the praise or criticism of men go. Their words cannot save you. You are saved by the grace of God, and His grace is given you to choose as you are ready to let go of the world.

(v 13 - 22) I have said, give to Caesar what is Caesar's and feel free to live in the world and do what you must do. But I have also said, give all things to Me. With these words, I have told you which law is highest. Be not confused. The laws of God are laws that lead you from the world to Heaven, and so it is the laws of God that must be chosen. Follow My guidance within the world. I will lead you truly. Give Me your confusion and ask for clarity. Clarity will be given. Do not decide an issue in confusion and pain. Decide in clarity and peace. In clarity and peace you follow Me, for I am Truth and Light.

(v 23, 24) Guilt is the way of the world, but it is not My way. Fear is the way of the world, but it is not My way. Do not make decisions out of guilt or fear, for I will not guide you by those feelings. When you listen to them, you are not listening to Me. When you notice guilt in your heart or fear in your mind, focus first on letting go of those feelings. To let go of them is to let go of the world, for the world is a world of guilt and fear. When the guilt and fear have passed, give the decision to Me. In peace, you shall know what to do.

(v 25, 26) It is not what you do that matters, but why you do it Do it for Me. Do it in peace. Do it in love and with joy. For if you do the same thing, but the purpose of the thing is not Me and it is not done in peace, that thing will bind you to the world. Guilt and fear begets guilt and fear. Do not listen to guilt or fear no matter what it tells you to do. Let go of guilt and fear, and then ask Me. If I guide you to do the same thing in peace, love, and joy, you may do that thing. But if I guide you not to do it, trust your peace and choose to let that thing go.

(v 27, 28) All that matters is the purpose given. I have already told you that this world is temporal and matters not. I have told you that there is no truth in this world. But I have not said these things about you. For you are eternal, and to your Father, you matter greatly. Join His purpose that you may rejoin with Him. Through the purposes of the world, you are lost to Him. Through His purpose, you are joined.

(v 29 - 32) Listen to Me. You fool yourself when you listen to the purposes of the world, for you tell yourself that things are important when they are not. Do what you must do within the world, but let Me guide you in determining what must be done.

(v 33 - 36) Let not the wisdom of the world confuse you, for what the world calls wise is meant to keep you bound to the world. In believing its wisdom, you believe it is your savior. Yet the world is a temporal place, and so its salvation is temporal too. Nothing in the world will last, and all of its roads lead to death. Do not look there for your salvation. I am Truth and Light. Your salvation is found in Me. Look to Me, and I will guide you within the world, but I will guide you within it in order to lead you from it.

(v 37 - 39) Be not confused. All that I give to you, I give within your heart. Do not look for your rewards in the world. Look for your reward in Me. Surely, if you look in Me, you will find your reward. And you will know that your reward is great indeed, for peace cannot lie. Peace is truth, and I am your peace in the world. Seek Me in willingness within your heart. Seek Me beyond the world, and even in the world you shall know Me.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 24

(v 1, 2) The world is temporal and nothing within it will last forever. That which you perceive as holy within the world will not last, for nothing holy exists within the world. But the world can be the reflection of holiness, and it is that reflection that I would have you see.

(v 3 - 8) The world is confusing and painful for those who believe that it is real. In vanity, they will search for hope there. Do not look to the world for hope. Hope is not within the world. Look to Me.

(v 9 - 14) Your faith will seem to be tested if you look to the world as real, for if the world is real, My Word cannot be. Do not be afraid that My Word is not real. Hold onto it. The trials and tribulations of the world shall come to pass, but My Word will last forever.