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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 15 - 22) The journey to the wedding banquet seems to be time in the world. On this journey, the distraction of the world may be great. There will be times that you have forgotten you are on the journey, because the distraction of the world is great. Let this not distress you. Your joy will come when you have completed the journey, for then you will know where the journey led. But until then, do not feel guilty for journeying, my child. For this seems to be something you must do. On your journey, remember Me and keep Me close to your heart. But do not deny the journey you are on. It leads to Me and the disappearance of the journey.

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's" means, do what you seem to need to do while you are in the world. When you have forgotten you are on the journey, there will seem to be many things that need your attention. I am in those things too, whether you see Me or not, so do them in peace. When you remember you are on the journey, many things of the world will seem to fall away. Let them go, but do not worry about the things in the world that seem to need your attention. Just as I have always been with you, I am there in those things too. As you learn to see Me in all things, the journey will seem easier, but it is not until you arrive at the wedding banquet that the journey will fall away. So live within your journey in peace and with Me. Be happy, and rest your mind. I am walking beside you, pleased, as we journey to the wedding banquet together.

(v 23 - 33) Do not be confused by what you see in the world, for Heaven is nothing like the world at all. In the world, there are differences; there are conflicts; there is suffering, and there is death. But none of these things exist in Heaven. Think of the world as a dream, for it seems real while you are here. But think of Heaven as awakening. Upon reaching Heaven, you will realize that the world, and all you thought there, was never true and so it mattered not. I tell you, the truth is always true, and there is no truth in the world.

Do not let your worldly concerns distract you long. Lay them aside that you may continue your journey and awaken to that which calls you.

(v 34 - 40) And so the greatest commandment shall lead you on your journey:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.

Let your love for God be your guiding light in all you do and all you think. Never forget your love for God, and give all things to Him. In this way, you will move steadily along your journey.

And the second commandment is like it, for the second commandment guides you within the distraction of the world.

Love your neighbor as your Self, because he is.

There is no greater truth than this. Your Father, of course, is right. You are joined and at the wedding banquet, but the dream of the world keeps you from knowing this is true. Awaken from the dream by accepting the truth. The journey to acceptance is the journey to Heaven. Accept the truth, and you are there.

(v 41 - 46) The Holy Spirit is the Christ. Each one may call the Holy Spirit "Lord," for the Holy Spirit guides you and leads you forward on your journey. It is your Lord that you shall follow. The Holy Spirit is within, and so it is within each one waiting to be heard. In this way, you may see the Holy Spirit in your son or daughter or husband or wife or mother or father or neighbor, and you may call them "Lord." But the Lord is within you too, for there are no differences among men. It is all the same. And the call of the Lord is the call to awaken, following the call is the seeming journey, but awakening to it is realizing there was no journey and there is no Lord but one.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 23

(v 1 - 4) Listen.

The truth is calling you, and the truth is not of this world.

I have already told you that you are free to give what is Caesar's to Caesar. This means, you are free to live in the world and do as you need to do while you live in the world. Do not feel guilty for paying taxes, obeying laws, raising children or for doing any of the things that the world requires, but do not get lost in those things either. The world is but a distraction, and it distracts you from Heaven. So you must live in the world, but not be of the world. You do this by doing all things for Me...by giving all things the purpose of Heaven. In this way, all things can be used to lead you to Me. And I will show you how to use them.

So live in your world, but be not distracted by it.