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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 14 - 16) Confusion comes into the mind when you listen to a purpose other than the purpose of God. When you have forgotten the one purpose of oneness and communion, you have forgotten who you are. In your forgetfulness, you are lost. Become like little children, free of expectations clouded by foreign purpose. Open your eyes and see what is before you, for it is true purpose that awaits only your recognition and your welcome.

(v 17 - 19) The withering fig tree is a tree that bears no fruit for the Son of God to eat. Likewise, the ego bears no fruit for the Son of God. Let the ego go. Let the belief in separation go from your heart, that it may bear no more fruit within your mind.

(v 20 - 22)What seems impossible to you is not impossible. In fact, it is all that is truly possible, for the belief in separation cannot hold you prisoner, because it is not true. It is not real. It is nothing but a figment of your imagination in which you have placed your faith. Through this, you can see the power of your faith! But I ask you to remove your faith from what you believe now and place your faith in Me, that you may see through different eyes. Surely, you will see differently!

(v 23 - 27) You must look at your faith and see where you are placing it before you can choose to place it with Me. Many believe they have placed their faith in God, when truly they have placed their faith in men and in the world. Truly I say to you, look at your faith honestly. In what do you believe? In what do you trust? And if it is not placed firmly with Me in all things, are you willing to choose again?

(v 28 - 32) The call to truth is within you. Only by answering the call and receiving My guidance will you know what calls. Listen to Me.

(v 33 - 44)The belief in separation is the death of the Son of God, and yet you choose to put your faith there. For that which is whole cannot be separate and live. To live, it must be one! Your expectations confuse you. Let go of them and listen to Me, one word at a time.

The Son of God cannot die, because the Son of God cannot be separate.

But in your belief that he is separate, you will find the belief in death. And that belief will seem real to you as long as the belief in separation also seems real. The answer to this parable (about the landowner and his tenants) is a simple one. As long as the tenants continue to believe they are separate and attacked, they will live as if they are separate and attacked, and that will be their experience. It matters not where they go, for they take themselves with them. But when they open their eyes and realize that they have never been treated unfairly and they have never been attacked, their perception of being attacked will end. This is how it is for you. For what is in your mind is in your world, and it is in your mind and in your world because you willed it to be there. So you must lay down your will, just as the tenants must lay down their implements of war. Only in this way, will there be peace.

(v 45, 46) Listen to Me. To hear Me, but not to practice what I say, is not to listen. And so I say to you, listen to Me. It is the message of Love.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 22

(v 1 - 10)The kingdom of Heaven is like a wedding banquet. For marriage is the symbol of joining, and the kingdom of Heaven is joining. But at this wedding banquet, there are no guests. For everyone who comes will find himself joined within the glory of this ceremony.

ALL who come may see himself as bride or as groom. It is not important how he sees himself on coming. During the journey to the banquet, he may even see himself as an invited guest. As long as he is following his invitation to come, how he sees himself in the coming is not important.

Some may seem to have a long journey to the wedding banquet with many distractions along the way. Others may seem to live closer and arrive quickly after hearing the call to come. The length of the journey is not important. The journey itself, or what seems to happen along its way, matters not.

All are invited to the wedding banquet, and all, in their time, will arrive. It is upon arriving that they will realize what they have been invited to attend. Upon that realization, all else will fall away. They will not remember if they were bride or groom or guest. They will not remember if the journey was short or long, with many distractions or few. ALL that they will know is that they have arrived, and they are joined.

(v 11 - 14) No one who comes will be turned away, for no one can come unless he is ready, and if he is ready, he shall be wearing his wedding clothes. Do not fear that you will be turned away from God. When God looks at you, God sees you as spotless and ready for the joining. Even more, God sees you as already joined and at the banquet.

It is you who judges and sees yourself as guilty. This is but a distraction on your journey to the wedding banquet. Let it not keep you from your Father, who waits in peace at the banquet table, eager to embrace His Son again.