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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Matthew, Chapter 20

(v 1 - 16) The first will be last and the last will be first, because there is only one. The confusion comes in seeing many, in seeing separateness, and therefore seeing different contributions and some who are deserving of more than others. If you see only one in this story (within this scripture), that one is all the same, and that one deserves the same reward for agreeing to come and work. This is what I would have you learn:

There are not many. There is only one.

And that one that you think is many is the Son of God, created by the Father as one, and so He is one. Do not focus on differences. Let them fade from your sight. Do not think that you deserve more or less than your brother or that you have more or less than your brother. You are the same, deserving of your Self and one with your Father in Heaven. There could be nothing else you need and no difference between you.

The differences that you believe in are differences of the world, but I have already told you that the world is temporal and matters not. It is the eternal that is the truth. And I have also already asked you to let go of the world, and so you must let go of the differences you see in the world.

The Spirit of God is one. There are no differences.

Be willing to let go of them.

(v 17 - l0) The truth is always true, and this you will see when you lay aside your belief in differences. It is your belief in differences that blinds you to the light of Life. Be willing to let go of your belief in differences, that you may see the Life that is Me.

(v 20 - 23) Specialness is a form of difference. One whom you see as special, you see as different, and so you ask for more or less for this person within the desire of your heart. Beware of your feelings of specialness, for any feeling that will separate your brothers within your heart will split you off from the kingdom of Heaven. Love your brothers as one with My love. In this way, you will know truth. In this way, you will know Heaven. In this way, you will know Life.

(v 24 - 28)To separate your brothers and have expectations of them is not to see them as one. They are one together. They are one with you. They are one with God. Whatever you expect of your brother, you expect from Me. If you expect that he is separate from you, you expect that I am separate from you too. And because of this, you are lost from Heaven. I say, love your brother. Serve him as you would serve Me, and as you do, you serve your Self. For you have acknowledged that it is all the same and that for its sameness, you are grateful. You will go far on your gratitude for sameness. I say to you, gratitude for sameness will carry you to Heaven.

(v 29 - 34) The truth is always true. It is just that you do not see it now. And because you are blind, you cannot see it of your own power. So do not try to see that there are no differences by exercising your own will, for it is your will that there be differences. The one who has willed to see differences will see what he has willed to see. Instead, be willing to lay down your will, and ask Me to give you sight. As you make room for My Will, you will be given My Will. And through My Will, you shall see.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 21

(v 1 - 5)The donkey is a symbol. It is a symbol intended to teach that you must put your expectations aside. For expectations are a set up opportunity for judgments, and it is judgment that keeps you separate from your brothers.

Be willing to let go of your expectations, and you will not be tempted to judge.

(v 6 - 9)Peace comes from laying down your expectations and your judgments and accepting the truth as it is. There is no other way to accept the truth, for to accept it in any way other than as it is, is not to accept the truth. It is to accept delusion over truth, and in delusion, you are lost from truth.

(v 10, 11) It is better to meet your brother without expectations. In this way, you have opened your heart to see him as he is. In finding him, you find your Self.

(v 12, 13) The money changers in the temple represent the ego, which is the belief in separateness. For they were not in the temple to commune with God or brother. The money changers entered the temple for their own purposes. But the temple is the symbol of oneness and communion. Oneness and communion are the only purposes within the temple. So the money changers were like foreigners in the temple, because their purpose was different than its purpose. In this way, you are like the temple and the money changers. Your truth is like the symbol of the temple. Your only purpose is oneness and communion. But you have allowed a foreign purpose to reside within your mind. And by focusing on the foreign purpose, your true purpose has become lost to you. Jesus would have you clear your mind of the foreign purpose, that your true purpose may be remembered.