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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 10, 11) Watch your heart when you believe you have forgiven. Be careful that you do not find a grievance or a grudge there. For if you do, your forgiveness is not complete. You will know that your forgiveness is complete when you love your brother with your whole heart and soul and mind, just as the angels do. if you love your brother any less, ask Me to help you learn to forgive.

(v 12 -14) The Spirit of God is one, and no one can be left outside. If you have not forgiven your brother, you are lost from the Spirit of God. Do not be confused. You are not responsible for your brother's place, but if you cannot forgive him his place, you are lost from yours. The Spirit of God is Love. And to know your place in His Heart, you must be love too. Love does not make judgments, and love holds no grievances. So do not worry about your brother's place. Ask Me how the symbol of your brother's place can be used to help you find yours.

(v 15 -17) Be careful in talking to your brother regarding a difference or disagreement, for in the world these discussions must happen. When you go to your brother, go with Me. Check your heart to ensure you find forgiveness there, and also, that you find trust that the situation has been given to Me. Clear your mind of judgments and desired outcomes. Ask only for healing and enlightenment. When you are sure all of this has been done, talk to your brother while being careful to listen for Me in love and confidence. In this way, there can be no loss, for the situation is no longer a situation of the world. But it is a situation of Heaven, for Heaven has been made its purpose.

(v 18) It is what is in your mind and your heart that is important, for there the resolution shall be.

(v 19, 20) If your brother and you agree in love, you shall be blessed by Love. Let love be your only goal.

(v 21, 22) Your brother is your Self, and so you must forgive your brother to know your Self. Do not give up on him. To give up on your brother is to give up on Love.

(v 23 - 35) You suffer because you do not love, for love is not itself unless it is whole. No one can be left out of love. No thought that is not love can be left in your mind. Listen to Me. Rejoice at your opportunities to forgive. Be happy that you have found yourself judging or holding a grievance, for what you find, you can let go. In this way, the splinters to Love's presence are removed, that Love may be known as whole again.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 19

(v 1 - 6)The symbol of marriage is the symbol of joining, but I have told you before that it is not what you do that is important, but why you do it. Do not let the form of what you do confuse you. Always look beyond the form to your heart. What do you find there? Is joining reflected in your heart? If not, then you are not joining, and it is joining you must seek.

Do not expect joining to have a specific form or follow certain rules. Let go of everything you think you know about joining, for what you know has not brought you to be joined. Ask Me to lead you to joining, and then let go and let Me lead.

(v 7 - 9) The world is a world of differences, and things seem to change there. But the truth is always the truth and does not change. Do not be confused. It is not by keeping things the same within the world that one identifies truth, for the truth has never been in the world. Do not question My guidance. You are lost and do not know. Trust in My guidance and follow Me, that you may learn and realize and know the truth has always been true.

(v 10 - 12) Following My path is following a path that leads you from the world to the truth. As you follow the path, the things in the world will become less important to you. Let them fall away as your desire for them ends. You do not need the world. It is Me that is needed now.

(v 13 -15) Become as little children, free of expectations and burdens, open to enjoy your freedom and to love your world. For the world is to be loved, as all things are to be loved. For love is the only purpose for all things.

(v 16 - 21) I have told you that it is not what you do that is important, but that it is why you do it that matters. And that reason is love. For if you do anything for a purpose other than your love for Me, that thing you do is not important. The only purpose is love, and My love is the only love. There is no other kind of love.

(v 22 - 24) When I say, Love the world," I am not asking you to love the world for what it is. I ask you to love the world for what it isn't The world is not a place where the Son of God is captive. It is a place where he is free. It is not a place of conflict and fear. It is a place of one Will and great love.

Look with Me to see what the world is not. In seeing what it isn't, you shall see what it is, and you shall love it.

(v 25, 26) The truth is always true, and the Spirit of God is one. So the Will of God must also be one. This is why I ask you to lay your self aside. It is so you will know that you are one with God.

(v 27 - 30) The world is something you must let go of, because your will is something you must let go of, and the world is your will. Those who are able to let go will know the truth, which is the reward of Heaven. Those who hold onto the world and love it for what it is will continue to look for their reward and will wonder why they have not found it.

I tell you, your reward is not in the world. Let go of the world and all it means to you, and I will show you where meaning lies.