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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 26)This is where you must look at your thoughts and your desires. For if you desire anything of the world, you have lost your desire for Me. Do not be afraid of what you find in your search. You will find that you do desire the world, for it is your desire that brought you here. But in finding your desire, you can choose to let it go. And in this way, you choose again, releasing the future from the past that you may see differently now.

(v 27)It is within you that I shall come. For it is within your heart and your mind that you shall see that you are one with Me. And in this knowledge you shall be rewarded, for there is no reward but Me.

(v 28)It is simple. If you accept Me and let all else go, you shall know Me. In knowing Me, you shall know Life and Truth, for I am Life and Truth. In this knowledge, you cannot die. Life and Truth are the opposite of death, because Life and Truth are everything and death, like fear, is nothing.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 17

(v 1 - 3)The Holy Spirit uses symbols to teach, because the world is a world of symbols. Do not think that the world is reality or that the symbols of the world are reality, and do not argue them. See them as symbols and ask Me what use they have for you. In this way, all things have meaning.

(v 4) Thinking for yourself is not the way to understanding, for it is your self you must lay aside. And so it is your thoughts you must lay aside. They are but thoughts of confusion. Believe not in what you think.

(v 5) I am the Light and the Voice of Heaven. Listen to Me. Take My words into your heart and practice what I teach. Be concerned with nothing but Me, for the Spirit of God is one.

(v 6 - 8) You will be afraid of oneness, because you will be afraid to lay down your self. Do not fear that truth will be thrust upon you before you are ready. It is on your readiness that truth waits. But I shall guide you to the truth in a way that you can understand and trust.

(v 9 - 13) The search for truth must come before the truth can dawn, but do not misunderstand the search. It is not through your doing that you can find. The search will only be successful if you let go of the search and let Me guide you, for letting go of your will is the search and the path to truth.

(v 14 - 21) Your faith is small, because your faith is limited. You are willing to put faith in Me with some things, but not yet with all things. I tell you, until you are willing to have faith in Me with all things, you will not know that all things are possible in God.

(v 22,23) It is your focus and belief in the world that limits your sight, for your sight is where your faith is. Look to Me, that I may remove your sight from the world and place it on Life.

(v 24 - 27) You are not of this world, nor are your brothers. But those who are focused on the world believe themselves to be a part of the world just as they believe you to be. To tell them that you are not of the world is of no use, and to tell them that the world is not real will only put fear and hatred into their hearts. We may not be of this world, but we are love, and so it is love that we must give. Love is not fear. And so I ask you to give to your brothers as they expect you to give, and give in the knowledge of love, so they will not be afraid. But do not put your faith in what you give, so you do not limit yourself or your brother to your gift. Put your faith in Me, that I may use your gift to give the gift of Life.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 18

(v 1 - 4)I have told you before not to think for yourself. And I have asked you to lay your self aside. It is this you must practice, because it is this you must do. One cannot maintain self-identity and self-control and be healed of self. Yet, one must be healed of self if one is to know the oneness of Heaven as I Am. I say to you, practice with Me today. Do not think for yourself. Ask Me in all things and leave all things to Me.

(v 5, 6) Love your brothers and be at peace with them. Accept them as they are and where they seem to be. Do not ask your brother to change his place, but love him in his place. And then ask Me how your brother's place is helpful to you. In this way, your brother is your teacher, and you are his.

(v 7 - 9) Forgiveness may not always seem easy. You will encounter great resistance in forgiving your brothers and in forgiving yourself. Do not let resistance alarm you. Resistance is fear, and to give in to resistance is to give in to fear.

Remember, fear can keep you from Me. So when you feel resistance, recognize it for what it is. Realize that resistance is a path from Me. And ask yourself which path you would place your feet on now. Then let go of your belief in resistance, and let go of your fight against resistance. Give your heart to Me. Ask Me to help. And let yourself rest as the resistance passes on to nothingness. Then the way is clear for you to forgive and accept the peace of God in joy.