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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Know that my refusal was not a rebuke of the Canaanite woman. I hold no one as guilty and outside my Self, but My purpose must be one or it would not be itself.

The Spirit of God is one.

And then, the woman showed her love for My purpose in her willingness to accept what is given without asking for more. She showed that she loved God and sought only the glory of God. Love cannot say no to a request for love, and a request to accept God's glory is love requesting love. And so, the woman's daughter was healed to show that miracles are given to those who are willing to accept God's glory as it is and for what it is. When you listen to the thoughts of the world within your mind...when your purpose is different from mine...you cannot sit at My table and feast on My knowledge.

The Spirit of God is one.

When you see your error and let it go, and you come back to Me in faith asking only for My knowledge, you have shown that your purpose is the same as Mine, and so now you may feast.

The Canaanite woman may have been satisfied with only crumbs, but it is the full feast that I shared with her, just as I share it with you now. Open your eyes and see. Listen to Me.

(v 29 - 39) Know that I am with you in all that you do. Make Me the only purpose for all you do, and you shall know Me in your life. For I never turn away from you. It is you who have turned from Me. I but rest with you in peace and confidence awaiting your invitation, that I may feed you with my miracles until you are full, complete and healed.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 16

(v 1 - 4) Rejoice! For the time will come that you will know all that you ask. The time will come that you will know that death is not real and the world is not real, and I am your reality. Rejoice and put your faith in Me. Stay with your search. Seek and you shall find.

(v 5 - 12) Now is a time of doubt for you, but doubts must rise if you are to let go of them. ALL of this is inside of you: fear, guilt and hatred. These things must be released if you are to know peace and Light. So do not fear that you see doubt. Fear can keep you from Me. Rejoice that you are doing the work I have asked. Let your fear and doubt come into your mind that you may see it. But in faith, let it go. In this way, you choose where you will put your faith. In this way, you do the work that I have asked you to do.

(v 13 - 16) The Spirit of God is one, and His Son is one with Him. There is no separateness. There is only the Father and His extension of His Self, which is His Son. In this way, the Spirit of God is one, and it is whole.

(v 17,18) It is on your faith in My Word that I shall build my church. It is on your willingness to believe Me over what you see that I will heal your sight. It is oneness that you seek, and so it is the truth that you shall find. You are blessed in your search. That which is forever true cannot be overcome.

(v 19) This instruction given to Peter was given to all who put faith in Me. For Peter is but a symbol of faith within the unhealed mind. What this mind holds onto is held onto within Heaven, for the truth is always true. And what this mind lets go of is let go in Heaven, for the truth is always true.

The Spirit of God is one, and the Spirit of God is Heaven, so you must be one with Heaven.

Let that which blinds you to the truth go from your mind, that the truth which always has been may dawn.

(v 20) Jesus is not the Christ in himself. The Christ is the Son of God, and no one is left outside of the Christ.

(v 21 - 23)Peter is the symbol of faith within the unhealed mind, and so Peter is also the symbol of the unhealed mind that has faith. In Peter, you will see great faith! And in Peter, you will see doubt, fear and confusion. You are Peter. Until you know that you are the Son of God, do not doubt that you are Peter. And so you will seem to have moments of great faith, and you will seem to have moments of doubt, fear and confusion. It is the doubt, fear and confusion you must let go of, for they block the Light of Heaven and the awareness of who you are. It is faith you must hold onto, for your faith is your path to Me.

(v 24) Jesus was enlightened, for he knew what Heaven is. And in his joy, he invited all to join him. But Heaven is not given on invitation alone, for Heaven must be accepted, and all that is not Heaven must be let go of. This is what I have been asking you to do. Let go of your doubts. Let go of your fear. Let go of your thoughts of separateness. And lay your self aside. You do not need these things. They but block the Light of Heaven.

Instead, pick up your faith in Me and faith in Light, and walk with Me to the Light. In this way, you shall know what Heaven is.

(v 25) One cannot die, so Jesus does not ask you to die. He asks you to live within the oneness that he is. Lay down your little life and your desire for it, that you may know the Life that is.