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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

When you see yourself in this forgotten state, and you believe that you are guilty and you live in a fearful world, it is then that you suffer. And yet, you believe these thoughts. And in believing these thoughts, you suffer. And in believing these thoughts, you believe the evidence of these thoughts, and you suffer more. This is why I am here. I am here to bring clarity to replace confusion, love to replace fear. But you must know that your thoughts are born of fear, and fear is the way of this world. To know My gift, you must put down your thoughts of fear and turn away from its evidence. Through your consistent choice, I will give you My gift. For I cannot give against your choice, so I cannot give the gift of love if it is fear that you choose.

Listen to Me now.

You must trust Me above all that you think and hear and see. You must put Me above your self and your world. And you do this by your choice, by selecting the thoughts you will believe and the thoughts you will let go.

Thoughts of love and thoughts of fear are in your mind now. Where will you choose to put your faith?

(v 44 - 46)This is what I am telling you. If you seek confusion and fear, you will find it, for the world breeds confusion and fear. But if it is truth and clarity that you seek, I offer it to you now. Let go of everything that is not the gift I offer. Accept only My gift. In this way, the treasure of Heaven is yours.

(v 47 - 50) The sorting of thoughts is the work that must be done. This is the moment-to-moment choice you must make:

Where will you put your faith?

If you ask Me to help you make your choice, I will help. I will lead you along the path and point your choices out to you. Let Me help. Depend upon Me. Put yourself in My hands, and I will tell you where to look.

(v 51,52) There is nothing that is to remain hidden in your mind as the work of sorting is done. Do not be afraid. Do not hide thoughts from the work. All thoughts must be brought out from the corners of your mind into My light, and there they shall be judged. I will judge your thoughts for you, but you must make the choice.

(v 53 - 58) It is your self that I have asked you to lay aside, and it is on this choice that your Father waits to give you His gift. You know your self and your world as your home, and although you are afraid, you have become comfortable there. I ask you to give up your home and all that you know, that I may give you your true Self and true Home. I offer more than comfort within a world of fear. I offer the peace and knowing of God. It is your choice, but I will help you with your choice if you choose to walk with Me.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 14

(v 1 - 12) John the Baptist was beheaded out of fear, and so it is your fear you must be aware of. Fear was made to keep you from joining with God.

(v 13 - 21 ) Put your fear aside, and you will know miracles that will increase your faith. Even in your life on earth, you will know Me, and so you will know it is Me, and you will be more willing to walk toward Me. But first, you must give Me faith and trust. You must do as I ask to know miracles at work in your life.

(v 22 - 36) It is fear that I want to talk to you about today. For fear can seem to be a very real obstacle on your path to Me. Although I can help you with your fear, it is you that must overcome it. For it is your fear, and I cannot take that which is yours from you. You must willingly let go of your fear. You must choose Me over it to know it is nothing to keep you from Me.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 15

(v 1 - 9) Look into your heart for the purpose of what you do, for it is not what you do that is important, but why you do it. In your search for Me, you agonize over choices in the world. You want to know if it is right that you do this or if it would be better that you do that. I say, do what you choose in peace and in purpose, and I will use what you do.

(v 10 - 20) All things of this world are temporal, so how important can they be? They will not last, so do not agonize over them. It is you that is eternal, and so it is your thoughts, your wishes and your purpose that matters. If you put your faith in the temporal, your thoughts and wishes and purpose are focused there, so your heart is there also. A heart focused in the temporal will know itself as temporal, and so it will know death. It will know it is lost, and it will know the fear of being lost, but it will not know that being found is the answer to its fear. And so it will continue to run and hide, and it will become further lost. The only way to be found is to step away from the dark and know the Light. This is why you must not focus on the temporal. The temporal is the darkness in which you are lost. Turn away from it, and you will see Me in the Light.

(v 21 - 28) You will be tempted to use My Word for purposes of the world. Do not be fooled by this temptation. It is only your desire to hold onto your self and your world, which is your desire to hide from your fear.

The Canaanite woman represents the world. In her asking, she is refused, because My purpose is not of the world.