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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 30 - 32) It is not bodies that are one. Do not let thoughts of confusion confuse you. Bodies are temporal and will not last. Yet you are eternal, so you must be One. It is the Spirit that tells us who we are. It is the Spirit that knows our truth. Let go of what your eyes tell you, for surely your eyes will not test forever. What do they know of eternity? Listen to Spirit, for the eternal knows what eternity is.

(v 33 - 37)Your own thoughts condemn you, and your own thoughts condemn your world. As long as you believe and love your thoughts, you and your world are condemned, for there is no escaping the thoughts you choose to keep. But let all thoughts of condemnation go, and you shall be given a new world and new thoughts. And it is through this world and these thoughts that you shall come to know your Self.

(v 38 - 42) The truth is not something that can be seen, except if one chooses to see it. When one chooses to see what is, he shall. And its sight shall be glorious to him, for it is the sight of Life and the overcoming of death.

(v 43 - 45) The thoughts you think are your evil doing, and so you may choose to let go of them. Let me tell you that it may not be that easy. For the belief that spawns the thoughts is like a deep root within you, and where you cut off its leaves, more will rise up to take their place. Be prepared to let go of many leaves, but know they will come back until the day you have rid yourself of their root.

(v 46 - 50)The belief in separateness and differences is the root you must let go. For if there is more than one Will, the truth is not true and death is all there is. Is this the final resting place of your faith? Or are you willing to put your faith in Life and Love and One? If you will put your faith in Me, I will lead you to the end of your root. There, shall you find the truth, and your truth will be you.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 13

(v 1 - 9) Your choice is the key to this scripture. All that you do, you do by your choice. To deny this is to deny the essence of who you are. And yet, many deny themselves and believe they are victims of their own distractions. I say to you, listen to Me.

No one can keep you from your Self but your self.

Lay your self aside that you may come Home to Me.

(v 10 - 15) My words are clear to those who choose to understand them. For when you lay your self aside and ask to receive understanding, it is given you. But understanding can only be given if you choose to lay your self aside. For if you do not make this choice, it is because you believe you know, and so you cannot be taught.

(v 16, 17) Be thankful that My words are clear to you. For you have asked, and it is given. This is the symbol of your Father's Love on earth. Freely he extends Himself to you. Blessed are you who have chosen to receive.

(v 18 - 23)Not everyone you meet will be ready to make the choice that you have made. Many will not, but you must love them. For love is the good soil you have chosen, and not to love is not to have made the choice.

Love your brothers. Give them as they ask, and do not judge. Think no evil thoughts about them. Do not worry about their choices. It is your choice you must guard. Make sure that you choose the good soil and that you do not let yourself slip onto the path, between the rocks or among the thorns.

(v 24 - 30)The choice you make will seem to be made many times in complete sincerity and truth of heart. And then you will seem to slip and forget the choice you have made. Do not let this distress you. Simply make the choice again.

In any moment when you notice that evil thoughts and thoughts of separateness have crept into your mind, give them up in that moment. It is moment-to-moment in which the harvest occurs. And so it is in the moment that you remember, that you must also make the choice.

(v 31,32) Do not worry that you do not tend to your choice enough. For if you tend to your choice every time you remember, that is enough. For in the tending of your choice, the tending itself will extend until you are tending to your choice in every moment as you desire. For the tending is the mustard seed. Ask Me to rain upon your seed and tend whenever you remember. I will lead you to remember more.

(v 33) It is through your choice, but not through your effort, that the kingdom of Heaven is given, for the kingdom of Heaven must be a gift given by the Father to you. Choose to be ready to receive the gift. In this way, it is like yeast. The yeast represents the choice, but the rising of the dough is the gift born of that choice.

(v 34,35) What I tell you now is the truth of your salvation. It is only through this truth that you shall be saved.

(v 36 - 43) The Son of God is an extension of His Father, but this he has forgotten. That he has forgotten, does not change what is true.