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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Matthew, Chapter 11

(v 1 - 6) John the Baptist symbolizes the search for truth. Many become lost in the search, because they know not where to look. Do not search for truth in the symbols of the world. Nothing in the world can contain the truth. The truth is but reflected there. Let the reflection be as evidence that truth is, but do not put four faith in the evidence. Put your faith in the truth.

(v 7 - 15)The search for truth is not truth itself, so do not stop there. Many have heard the call to search and have accepted it, but then they have stopped, thinking themselves complete. You are not complete until you are Truth, so do not stop at the call. It is your beginning, but it is not your end. To find the truth, you must walk until your end.

(v 16 - 19) Do not judge the symbols. Do not look for truth there. The temptation to believe the world and its symbols is great, because you want to believe the world. You want the world to be true, because you want to be right about the world. This is why I ask for your faith and willingness. It is because I am asking you to turn away from what you believe is true, from what you have known until now and from where you have put your faith before. Let the world go from your sight. Let it be but a vision of dancing symbols with no truth in them. This is what I mean when I ask you to seek only Me. Let all that you knew before Me go from your thoughts.

(v 20 - 24)Listen to Me. When I speak of truth, you think of others and think that My words are good for them. But if I tell you that I am talking to you, why do you think of others? I have already told you that guidance comes from within and the world is but dancing symbols, Are you ready to seek only Me?

(v 25,26) Give thanks that your Father knows how to heal you. Give thanks that He knows you must find willingness to lay your self aside, and that it is upon this willingness that He patiently waits, so that healing may be given you.

(v 27) All things are revealed to you when you are ready, for when you are not ready, you would not accept them. You think you are a lofty being with thoughts that are real and worth holding onto. You will not learn that you are holy as long as you choose to believe that you are lofty. It takes holiness to see what holiness is, and so you must choose to know holiness to see that you are holy.

(v 28 - 30) You carry your own burdens now. I did not ask you to pick them up, and I do not insist upon you carrying them. I am the one who asks you to put them down. There is nothing of value within the burdens that you carry. Truly, they are not worth their weight! For your burdens keep you from knowing you are free, and so they keep you from knowing your Self. For how can a free man know his Self if he does not know he is free? Listen to Me. Lay your burdens down. You will find no treasure there.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 12

(v 1 - 8) Confusion is easy when you listen to the thoughts in your own mind, for those thoughts tell you that man is separate and guilty. As you look on the world with these thoughts in your mind, you will see separateness and guilt. But I tell you, that is confusion and not truth. I am here to help you lay down your confusion, that you may know truth. There is no separateness and there is no guilt. There is only one, and so there is only innocence. What you see is not true, but I am here to show you truth.

(v 9 - 14)If you choose to be blind, you will be blind, but blindness is your choice. I come to help you see, if you are willing. There is so much I want to show you! I want to show you the truth of who you are, the sweetness of your freedom and the glory of Heaven! But you must choose to open your eyes. I cannot do that for you.

(v 15 - 21) You cannot hear Me if you choose not to hear. My words may be clear to you, but meaningless to another. That is because you give meaning to all things by your choice, and you are free to choose the meaning of truth or to choose another meaning. But know this as you make your choice:

A meaning other than truth is not truth. Therefore, can it be meaning?

Listen to Me. I offer you truth. Share My words and know that they are yours also. For there is only one truth, and the truth belongs to all.

(v 22 - 29)Through his words, Jesus demonstrated that separateness cannot stand. Through his actions, he demonstrated his words. What is one cannot be separate and live. This is why death has come upon your world. But the good news is that separateness is but illusion, and so death is illusion too.

Listen to Me.

The Spirit of God is one. This is the truth I would have you learn.

The destruction of God is the separating of Him from Himself, but God cannot be separated or He would not be Himself. Who could separate Him? therefore, there has been no sin. There has only been the illusion of sin. This is the truth I would have you learn.