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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 18 - 22) This ministry is not a ministry of the world. Those who choose to follow will find what they do not expect, for what you expect comes from your will and your desire, but it is your will and your desire that must be laid aside if you are to be healed. Do not ask for what you want. Ask Me what it is that you need, and I shall lead you to it. But follow Me in purpose and faith only, for if you seek anything else, you will not see what I am showing you.

(v 23 - 27)Peace is the sign of health, for the healed Son of God knows there is nothing to fear and there is nothing that he needs that is not given him. And so he rests and does not fear, for he knows who He is.

(v 28 - 34)The thoughts that are in your mind that you think are yours are not yours. Those are the thoughts of death. Let these thoughts go from your mind, and then you shall see that they are but thoughts of death. They are not you, for you are Life. Let the thoughts of death leave you, that you may know your Self and may live.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 9

(v 1 - 8) Listen to Me. The authority within the Heart is the authority of God. Do not be confused. Your will is not the same as God's, but when you lay your will aside and walk with God, you will know that you are one with Him.

(v 9 - 13) Forgiveness is for error. It is your judgments that must be let go, for it is your judgment that has been your error. When you let go of your judgment, you will see what is. But if you hold onto your judgment, you choose confusion and pain. Let go and be free, or hold on and sacrifice your freedom.

(v 14 - 17)Let go of old habits and old ways of thinking. They have not served you. To hold onto the old is to create a future like the past. That is not useful to you now. Listen to My Word. Hear what I say. Practice it. Then you will know what to do.

(v 18 - 26) Miracles are not what you expect, for you expect only what you have seen. I am here to give you new sight. With new sight, you will see differently. Have faith in Me, and trust in Me. Do as I say, and everything different from what you expect will be given you.

(v 27 - 34) The blind cannot see. The dumb cannot talk. And so it is healing they must seek. Know that it is you I am talking to. You are blind and cannot see; I ask you not to talk. For through your words you spread confusion. Listen to Me, and spread My Word. By sharing what I give, you will recover your Sight.

(v 35 - 38)Let Me heal you, that your brothers may see your true health and be healed unto themselves through Me.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 10

(v 1 - б)I give you authority to teach through Me, but you are not yet the Teacher as I am. It is through sharing My Word that you shall come to know your Self, and so it is yourself that you teach through Me.

(v 7 - 10) Teach yourself but this:

God is within, and it is from within that I am led.

To learn this lesson is true, do not focus on what is outside. Do not worry about what you are to eat or what you are to wear or where you are to sleep. Focus only on the Word within, and seek nothing else, "Everything will be provided, that you may do the work I ask.

(v 11 - 16) Remember always, it is you that you teach. If you find peace in fellowship with another, enjoy that peace and be thankful for it But if you find agitation, let your agitation go. Do not keep your agitation with you, for agitation is darkness and suffering in the night. ALL who will learn of glory will learn glory is found in letting agitation go.

(v 17 - 20) Remember that you are not alone. That is the lesson I send you to learn: The Spirit of your Father is one, and so you are one with that Spirit. Trust in the Spirit in all things, and do not fail on this account.

(v 21 - 23) What you will see in the world will confuse you, and so you must not look there for understanding. Look to Me. I am your guide and the one who knows what understanding is. Look to Me in all things, and you shall know Me, even within the world.

(v 24,25) By making your will one with Mine, you will come to know your Self as the same as Me. Give your will to Me, that I may give you Mine, and we shall have one will.

(v 26 - 31) Do not fear the world or what you see or hear there. I say to you, the world is not real. It will come to pass, but you are eternal, and what is eternal is real. Let your mind be turned from the temporal and fearful to the eternal, for what is eternal can have no fear.

(v 32, 33) You will know Me by choosing to be one with Me. Lay your temporal self aside. It is nothing. Your will cannot affect eternity. But My Will is eternity. By knowing My Will, you know the peace of Heaven.

(v 34 - 36) Remember all things in this world are temporal, so hold not onto them. You will not find peace there. Hold onto Me, for I am the peace of Heaven.

(v 37 - 39)Your function is letting go of this world and your will within it. Only by letting go of the temporal will you find the eternal within. Be not distracted. I am your truth.

(v 40 - 42) Let your Light shine, that men may recognize the eternal. For your Light is Me, and I am your Light.