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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Matthew, Chapter 7

(v 1 - 5) Judgment is like a knife that cuts the Son of God into pieces, for what you judge as separate from you is seen as separate, and so it cannot be seen as one. I say to you, lay your judgment aside. Trust the guidance of the Heart by trusting God and His Word. I tell you that God is Love and Love is whole. Therefore, you cannot know God if you separate your brothers from yourself. Do not place them above you or below you in your mind, and do not place them above or below one another. For to separate them in your mind is to split your own heart, and a split heart cannot know Love because it is split, and so, it is not whole. Look after your own heart that it may be healed. Lay down your judgments, and ask only for Love now.

(v 6) Do not take My words lightly without practice. For to listen and to agree, but not to practice, is not to have heard. And one who will not hear cannot be healed.

(v 7, 8) Seek out the prayers of your Heart. Ask your Father to make it whole again, for your Father knows that your heart seeks to be made whole, and he awaits only your willingness to give what you ask.

(v 9 -11) Trust your Father to give as you ask truly, but know it is the healthy Heart He listens to. If your heart is sick and it asks the Father to grant it its sickness, the Father does not listen. He waits until His Son asks that he be healed, and then the Father reveals His gifts, that they may be used for the purpose they were intended. For the Father will not assist the son in maintaining his sickness, but the Father will point the willing son in the direction of his health, that he may be made whole through his own willingness.

(v 12)Therefore, see your brothers as yourself. Know that their heart is the same as yours. Although they may seem to ask for sickness, their heart knows it wants its health. So do not answer their cry for sickness by returning anger for anger or hurt for hurt. Answer their heart's quiet cry for health by giving as the Father would give. Give health for health, and it is health you will receive.

(v 13, 14) I ask you for your help, because leaders are needed among men. For a man who does not know that his heart yearns to be healed is lost indeed and needs someone to help him see that health is his heart's desire. Let yourself be healed, that your brother may see your health and recognize it is but his own. Then he will ask for healing, and it will be given him.

(v 15 - 20) Concentrate first on your healing, that you may be used to lead your brothers to health. For an unhealed heart cannot lead its brothers to healing, for it knows not what health is. The sick must be healed before they can heal. The lost must be found before they can lead. Be not confused by those who say they can lead you, when you can see that they are lost. Hold not a grievance against them. Remember that a sick brother does not know he is sick. Forgive him his confusion, and pray to your Father, that your sight may be made clear.

(v 21 - 23) One who practices his own will is not practicing the Will of the Father, and it is the Father's Will that brings healing. For it is your will that has made you sick. Lay down your will, and ask only for the Father's. By knowing and practicing His Will, you shall be healed.

(v 24 - 27) Listen to My words, and let My words reach into your heart. For the healthy part of your heart is small, but its Will is complete. And it Wills with God. Listen to the healthy heart, and its health will spread, making your heart anew. And your strength will be rewarded with an unshakableness that brings eternal joy and knowledge. But listen not unto My words, and you shall hear the cries of your heart's sickness, and sickness cannot lead to health. So you shall not know strength. In your weakness you will suffer, for weakness is not the will of your heart.

(v 28,29) Authority comes from God, because God is all that is. One who knows his own Authority knows God. Amen.

NTI Matthew, Chapter 8

(v 1 - 4) Jesus is the symbol of healing, for healing comes from the healed Son of God. The unhealed son cannot heal himself, but he can ask in faith and willingness, and the healed Son may heal on behalf of the Father. And then the one who has been healed may be used as a witness, so others will come to know their own desire to be healed.

(v 5 - 13) Jesus is the symbol of the healed Son of God, for the healed Son knows what healing is. It is oneness, where all are welcomed into the kingdom as one, and there is great joy. From within the seat of the kingdom, the Son knows who He is and He has not forgotten. But outside of the seat, the son is lost. And so he is crying for his Home, but knows not where it is.

(v 14 -17) Jesus is the symbol of the one Son of God, for as He is, so you shall know yourself to be. ALL will be healed within their time, for what is the Son of God with less than every part of His Self?