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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

NTI Matthew, Chapter 6

(v 1 - 4)If you are to walk the path of righteousness, all things must be done for the reason of the Heart. To do anything for a purpose other than the purpose of the Heart, regardless of how righteous the act may seem to be, is to stray from your path. You could become lost there. Listen. Let the Heart that whispers truth lead you in all things. Ask of it, and do as it guides. Let not actions blind you. It is not the action that matters, but the purpose that is given it.

(v 5 - 8) Your time with your Father is precious and holy, so seek for this time in quiet. Search your heart for what you would say to Him or for what you would ask. Be not afraid of what you find there. Your Father knows your Heart, my Son, and He leads you according to your Heart. But you may not know your own Heart, so it is useful to seek there in quiet as you pray. For if you do not know the prayers of your Heart, you may not recognize that they are answered. But when you seek out your prayers in quiet and ask of the Father based on what you find, you will see that your prayers are answered quickly. For the Father does not delay in answering the prayers of his Son's Heart. The Father knows that it is the Heart that leads His Son to Him.

(v 9 - 13) Pray like this according to what you find in your Heart: "Father, let me know You. Let your kingdom dawn upon my mind, that I may be led by Your Will and become as one with it. Let me hear Your Word within my mind. Let my lessons be given me, that I may be closer to You through the actions of my day. Let me forgive myself, as I know You have. Let me see my brothers as innocent, as they truly are. Let us watch our minds for evil thoughts that would trick and blind us to the Light within. And let us let those thoughts go, so they may not cloud our minds from knowing the truth. Amen."

(v 14,15)For in our sight within the Light, we shall see the innocence of the lamb. It is within our brothers' hearts that he rests, as he rests also within our own. But if clouds block the light within, our sight is limited by a darkened vision. We cannot see what is there while our eyes rest surely on the dark.

(v 16 -18)And so remember your purpose in all things, and follow the guidance that comes from within. It leads you, not so your brother will see how holy you are; it leads you, that you may discover the holiness within, that you may bow down at the altar there, and let the Heart be your loving master, whom you do not question.

(v 19 - 23)Let your purpose guide you in all things, and let it be the true purpose of the Heart. For the purposes of the world are like smoke screens that deceive you, promising rewards and happiness, but delivering not. For every purpose of the world brings forth yet another purpose to seek, and so you shall spend your life seeking and finding not. Empty, you shall die. But the purpose of the Heart fills up your treasure chest quickly with joy, peace, and hope. And you shall follow the twinkle within your own eye, and since it is with you always, you shall always be satisfied beyond measure. For it is the light within the Heart that shines to show you your joy, and since it shines from within, you shall see your joy wherever you look. But if you do not trust your Heart and you try to find your own way to happiness, you shall be lost. For who can find their way without the light? Who can be happy stumbling, lost and aimless in the dark?

(v 24)No one can stand in both the light and the darkness, for either he will stand in the darkness and cannot see or he will stand in the light and see clearly. But I say to you, he who stands in the dark may not know he is lost, because he cannot see. So do not decide for yourself where to stand. For you may think you stand on the path of righteousness when your feet are surely lost. Ask for the Light, and let it lead you without questioning where it takes you. Remember that until you see all the world within the Light, you may be lost, letting the darkness lead your way.

(v 25 - 34) Therefore, do not worry about which way you should go or what you should do next. Instead, ask now for the surety of the Light to light the way for your next step. Listen in quiet to the guidance of the Heart as it tells you where to place your step. Be concerned only with letting your steps be led. For by following the guidance of the Light, you will surely be walking the way of Life. For the Light and Life are one. But if you let your mind be distracted by other concerns, and you begin to worry about troubles within the world, you will forget to step carefully with the Light, and you will run frantically into the dark. Then you shall look around and realize that once more you are lost. For you cannot find the path of Life without the guidance of the Light. For the Light and Life are one. If you have lost one, you are lost from the other.