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The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of Matthew
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

(v 25,26)The one that judges the hatred you leave in your heart is but yourself. You cannot find joy within hatred, for hatred is like a prison and the jailer is but yourself. Free yourself from your prison of pain. Let go of that which you think your brother has done to you. It is not important. It but keeps you imprisoned within a limited mind and away from the unlimited, which is but your Self. Let go of all your grievances against your brother, no matter how large or small they seem. For they are all the same, and each one has the power to keep you imprisoned from your Self.

(v 27,28)The law of men is but a symbol for those who are not ready to accept the law of the Heart, for the law of the Heart is love. One who loves his brother will not think a hurtful thought about his brother. When hurtful thoughts come into his mind, he will let them go, for he does not want any thought in his mind that is not the thought of love. In this way, his mind shall live in accordance with the law of the Heart, and the prison doors shall be opened, and he shall be freed, joined and dancing in celebration with his brother.

(v 29,30) Letting go of your grievances towards your brother may seem to be letting go of your self, for your own thoughts may tell you that you are justified in your anger, or your caution, for what your brother has done or may do to you. But I tell you that thoughts of justification are like poisonous prison food. Their purpose is to keep you sick and weak within the prison walls. Rise up within the health of your heart and let these thoughts go. Your goal now is freedom, and you will succeed in your goal by letting go of every thought that would keep you imprisoned For the hellish thoughts within your mind are your prison, and only by letting them go can you be free.

Listen to Me. I am sharing the secrets of your imprisonment and your freedom. It is not My Will that you be imprisoned. It is My Will that you be free. Listen to Me. Accept My Will as yours, and open your prison doors.

(v 31, 32) Let not the law be confusing to you. To follow the law without understanding it is useless. The law is not a law of behavior. What you do or do not do in itself is not important. The law of God is written on the Heart. It is a law that teaches there cannot be separateness. Only by joining with one Will will you know God, and only by knowing God will you know your Self. So do not go your separate ways within your heart. That is the way of the world. Walk together in your heart, joined and holding hands. In this way, you shall walk into the light and welcome yourselves into the kingdom of Heaven.

(v 33 - 37) It is not what you say or what you do that is important. It is what you mean by what you say or what you do that matters. Do you give to your brother because you love him and see him to be the same as you, or do you give because you believe that by your giving you will be made good? I tell you, there is nothing that you can do or say that will make you good within your own mind. Only by following the guidance within your Heart can you discover your Self, and the discovering will show you that you are. With this vision, you will see your brother and the world with new eyes, and you will know that Love is all there is. So follow your guidance and do not doubt it. It is leading you home to a new world, and from there you will find the bridge to Heaven. With your Heart as your guide, you shall cross the bridge with your brothers.

(v 38 - 48)With your eyes of judgment, you see many brothers doing different things. You judge the things they do as good things or bad things. Based on the judgments you have given to what they do, you judge your brothers as good or as bad. In your judgments of them, you separate them from one another and from yourself. And so you see many sons where the Father of Heaven sees only one. For the Father of Heaven has declared that He has only one Son, and that Son is but an extension of Himself. Stop judging your brothers as good or bad or different. Ask God within your heart to show Himself to you. He will answer you by showing you that your brother's heart is the same as yours, and so you and your brother must be the same, and therefore, one. For only by exceeding the laws of men to follow the law of the Heart can you find the truth that lies hidden there.

God is Spirit, and Spirit is all there is, and so you and your brother must be Spirit too.

It is your Heart that knows this truth, so it is by following your Heart that you will be led to see the truth is true.