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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament - HOW THIS INTERPRETATION CAME TO BE: THE SCRIBE'S STORY

Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Regina Dawn Akers grew up in middle-America as a Christian. Her religious training came from more than one Christian faith, and she was aware of differences in Biblical interpretation within the Christian community. She was also aware of the similarities that crossed all denom­inational boundaries, the most important of which was the statement, "God is love." Regina knew in her heart that this must be true, and she yearned to know God's love perfectly.

Although Regina was fascinated by all religions, she never felt to settle with any particular religion. She was driven by an inner desire she was not yet fully aware of, and Regina needed time to discover the calling within her heart.

In April of 2004, Regina spontaneously awakened to her own desire while praying. She describes that prayer this way:

"As I was praying, I felt overcome by a desire to be useful. I wanted nothing more than to be completely useful to God for the rest of my life. I told Him that I would learn anything He wanted me to learn and do anything He wanted me to do. I just asked him to please make me useful."

Regina began studying A Course in Miracles. She also began to receive guidance, visions and dreams that educated her about spiritual principles introduced in the Course. With the help of this guidance, Regina learned quickly and with clarity, and she willingly practiced everything that she learned.

In November of 2004, Regina experienced a vision during meditation. "But this vision was different," she explains. "It didn't seem to come to educate me like the others did. This one seemed to have a message for me.

"I saw myself in a dark cavern. There were several dark passageways leading out of the cavern, and there were people in the cavern who wanted to find their way out. I stood at the bottom of the cavern near the entrances to the passageways. I held an armful of lit candles. As people passed by me, I handed them a candle. They used the candle to guide them as they selected a passageway and started their journey out of the cavern."

Regina didn't want to guess the meaning of her vision, so she went to the keyboard and said a prayer. She asked the Holy Spirit to be very clear with her so she wouldn't misunderstand His message. Then she began to type without thinking. This is the message that she typed:

"Teacher of God. That is my Name. I have other names, but they are all the same. They mean Teacher of God. That is what is needed now, and that is what I need you for. You can write for me. You are doing it now. Write, teacher of God, and help me share the Light. There are many who need us. Teach, teacher. That is what you are for. That is why you are here. That is how you will learn. You are the teacher. Don't be afraid. I am with you always."

At first, Regina was frightened by her experience. With the help of calming thoughts that came into her mind, Regina let go of her fear. She began to write with the Holy Spirit the following day. At first, several days would pass between writings. In the spring of 2005, short writings began to come daily. Then in June 2005, Regina received this message from the Holy Spirit:

"The New Testament is a symbol, just as you are a symbol and the words I share through you are a symbol. What they point to is Truth.

"In order to understand the symbol, one must accept the Love of Christ. One prepares himself to accept that Love by recognizing he does not understand the symbol, and then he asks for understanding. By opening up to receive understanding without judgment, he opens up to accept the Love of Christ. With that Love comes Christ's knowledge, for they are the same and inseparable. Then the meaning that is beyond the words is understood as a Light that shines for all who look to see.

"Those who have ears now will listen. For others, salvation will wait. There is no loss in God. Ask and you will receive because it will be given you. It is a gift of Love given to one who recognizes he has forgotten Love, and so he asks that its remembrance be given him in Grace and Love. Love cannot say no to a request for Love.

"Go now and ask. It will be given you."

Regina left her career and home in Massachusetts and moved with her young daughter to North Carolina. After the move was complete, she began the work of listening to The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI).

In March of 2006, Regina received guidance to start The Foundation for the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the foundation is to provide resources, teaching and counseling to help individuals become Self-Reliant with their own inner guide, the Holy Spirit. Regina transferred the copyright for NTI to the foundation. Regina works with the 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation as a teacher and director.

How NTI Came to Be: The story of writing it down.

Regina learned that scribing is a process of letting go. As she read the New Testament, she found that her mind was filled with thoughts about what she read. Sometimes she felt she understood what she read. Sometimes she seemed to judge what she read. But Regina learned that as she held to her own thoughts regarding what she read, she could not hear the Holy Spirit's thoughts. Regina learned to empty her mind by letting go of any thoughts she had about her reading. She found that when she came to the point of complete emptiness within her mind, desiring only the words of the Holy Spirit, a Voice would come streaming into her mind. At this point, Regina would begin scribbling into a spiral notebook as fast as she could, focusing on capturing the words that she heard.

Regina was often resistant to the interpretation she heard as she wrote it down. The words were teaching at a level that was beyond her current spiritual understanding, and this was difficult for her to accept. However, Regina chose to be more than the scribe of NTI. She chose to be its first student. So she spent each day giving willingness to accept the message she had received that morning. In this way, Regina seemed to be lifted up by the writing of NTI.

After 13 months of scribing NTI, Regina received guidance to "validate" NTI by comparing the typed manuscript to the original writing in the spiral notebooks. Two others joined Regina in this validation process. The original hand-written notes were read aloud and compared to the typed manuscript. Missing sentences and paragraphs were added to the manuscript and the original wording was preserved. This published version of NTI is the original version as Regina heard it from the Holy Spirit. Only very few and extremely minor changes have been made for readability.

How to Read NTI: Recommendations for the reader

NTI is somewhat like a spiral staircase. It seems to begin teaching on a specific step, and it continually ascends from there. As a result, looking for consistency within NTI can be confusing, because symbols and concepts change as one ascends the staircase. We recommend putting aside the thinking, judging and analyzing mind as you read NTI, just as Regina put that mind aside to write down NTI. Ask for understanding from the Holy Spirit and give willingness to accept that understanding without judgment. If you will do this, understanding will be given by your inner guide.

NTI is a course in understanding and acceptance. Like many courses, NTI builds upon the principles that it teaches. For this reason, many students may find it helpful to start at the beginning and read toward the end as you would a novel. However, you may also find it useful to take NTI more slowly than a novel. Acceptance of one teaching is helpful before moving on to the next level of teaching within the course. Each NTI book seems to present a new level of teaching that is higher than the book that preceded it.

NTI is an interpretation that is much like an interpretative dance. Sometimes the interpretation seems to stay close to that which is being interpreted. Other times the Holy Spirit seems to spin off into a freer interpretation in order to carry the reader to a new place of understanding. Whenever NTI sticks close to the original writing in the New Testament, a book icon is presented. This icon indicates that it may be helpful to reference the annotated Bible verses before reading the interpretation. Whenever the icon is not presented, reading the Bible is optional.

NTI uses many of the same words and symbols when referring to the divine and when referring to the human. Capitalization is used to indicate the divine whenever that distinction is helpful to understanding.

The guidelines presented here are suggestions only. Above and beyond these guidelines, we recommend that you get in touch with your own inner guidance to find the best way for you to read and study NTI. Study NTI in the way you feel prompted to from within. Your inner guide always knows the best way for you to attain spiritual growth.