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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament - Overview of Contents

Overview of Contents
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


How This Interpretation Came to Be: The scribe's story - A brief synopsis of the scribe and how she came to write down this interpretation.

How NTI Came to Be: The story of writing it down - Describes the process used to write this interpretation.

How to Read NTI: Recommendations for the reader - Guidelines to help the reader determine a useful way of reading NTI.

NTI Matthew - Teaches that surrender and sorting thoughts (mind-watching) are key to enlightenment. Also introduces the idea that the world is not real.

NTI Mark - Retells the story of Jesus' three year ministry by showing us a Jesus that is more like us. Through this story, we see how we can become enlightened like Jesus. We are also able to learn from the mistakes and right-steps of others within the story.

NTI Luke - Focuses on judgment and separation-based thinking as obstacles that must be let go in order to realize enlightenment. Helps the reader to question the value he places on his own judgment and thinking so he will increase his willingness to let them go.

NTI John - Emphasizes that all people are the same and all people have the Light of God within them. Provides an overview of steps that must be taken in order to recognize the Light within oneself.

NTI Acts Teaches the reader how to know and follow the Holy Spirit's guidance within the world. Also introduces the first three stages of the path of awakening.

NTI Romans - Helps the reader to see the metaphysical link between judgment and the continuation of illusion. Helps the reader to see how acceptance is necessary to awakening.

NTI 1 Corinthians - Similar to Buddhism and Taoism, this book teaches the reader to become an "empty shell" in order to release the false concepts of the world and be filled with true wisdom or enlightenment.

NTI 2 Corinthians - Teaches the true concept of cause and effect; that is, cause is in the mind and the world is its effect. Introduces the fourth stage on the path of awakening, which is enlightenment within the world.

NTI Galatians - A summary of key ideas before stepping into the deeper ideas that are about to come. A simple process for forgiveness is also taught.

NTI Ephesians - Teaches the law of Love, which is the law of Mind or the law of thought. This book shows how oneness is all that is and how oneness is in perfect operation now, even within the illusion of separation.

NTI Philippians - Teaches the reader how to ensure that his motive is placed in alignment with his faith, so that he is leading himself consistently toward the experience of enlightenment.

NTI Colossians -Combines the knowledge taught in 2 Corinthians with the knowledge taught in Ephesians in order to impress upon the reader that he is cause of all that he experiences.

NTI 1 Thessalonians - Teaches the reader how to recognize when he has strayed from the path of his intent, so he may choose to step back onto the path through willingness.

NTI 2 Thessalonians - Begins to teach the reader how to look beyond the false self/identity to the truth of what he is.

NTI 1 Timothy - Teaches the reader that "personhood" is a concept that blocks truth. Leads the reader to give willingness to let go of this false concept.

NTI 2 Timothy Teaches the reader how to release the darkness within the mind (guilt, fear, unworthiness) by experiencing the feelings as they come up without believing the thoughts that accompany them.

NTI Titus - Teaches the taming of the thinking mind, so that it becomes less of a hindrance on the spiritual path. NTI Philemon - Begins to point directly to what we are by teaching, "You are everything."

NTI Hebrews - Encourages the reader to increase his practice by helping him to recognize that awakening is his one true desire. NTI James - Teaches the reader how to be the leader in his own awakening.

NTI 1 Peter - Teaches that a veil of misperception is all that blocks truth from our awareness. Leads the reader to give willingness to let go of misperceptions. NTI 2 Peter - Teaches acceptance of true abundance.

NTI 1 John - Provides "tests" the reader can use to find out how much his mind/awareness is focused on illusion and misperception. Helps the reader to see that Love is all that is by helping the reader to see through the eyes of Spirit.

NTI 2 John - Leads the reader to give willingness to listen only to the Holy Spirit now.

NTI 3 John - Helps the reader to realize that he is beginning to accept everyone as one with him.

NTI Jude - Teaches that there is nothing and no one outside of the mind.

NTI Revelation - Teaches the steps of final purification and acceptance of the experience of enlightenment.

About the Cover - Describes the guidance provided for the cover design.

Question and Answer Index - Both an index and a study guide, this tool was developed to help readers find NTI answers to spiritual questions.