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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way Out by Joseph Benner

The Way Out by Joseph Benner - A King's Son
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Try to realize that you are the equal - nay the superior - of any world Prince, the son of the King of any World Kingdom; for our Father's Kingdom includes his father's kingdom; and if we could lift our minds to the consciousness of our true Selves as Sons of God, we would go about KNOWING that all that our Father, the King, has is ours, and that all of the Father's servants will rush to supply to anticipate our every need. This is actually so. Each one can experience it. All you need is to believe it, and to go about in that consciousness, even as does the Prince of any world kingdom in his lesser kingdom consciousness.

Then as a King's son YOU must learn, if all that your Father has is yours, to spend freely of the riches He has given you with absolute fearlessness. For there is no limit to them, no lack of wealth, for it is always available. His resources are inexhaustible.

You must acquire this consciousness, you must feel even as does the other Prince about spending or using money Think you that he has any fear of lack or limitation of supply?

No, there is always a great plenty for his every need, for his every comfort, every pleasure, for every constructive idea; for he knows that back of him is his father, the King, and all the resources of his kingdom. So must you learn to know that back of you is your Father God, with all the resources of His Kingdom.