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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way Out by Joseph Benner

The Way Out by Joseph Benner - The Ultimatum
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

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So this is the ultimatum that you arc facing. You have now come to the place where God holds out His hand to you, and says: "My child, I would help you. But it means that you must give yourself and your ideas over wholl to Me, must learn to think only My thoughts, speak only what I would say, and do only what I would have you to do. It means that you must not let into your mind or believe any other thoughts, no matter what appearances are or how much such thoughts beg for admittance.

"You have had your chance and you see what a sorry mess you have made of things.

Now if you are willing utterly and completely to trust Me, and to wait upon and serve Me only, and will keep your mind and heart clean and empty of all untrue thoughts so that I may fill them with My thoughts, I will inspire in you the ideas that will lift you quickly out of your present consciousness, which means out of present conditions into one where peace, harmony and plenty will be your mental children, that will ever come to you to be fed with loving trust in Me, confidence in your power to express Me, and with the pure joy of living, that you will then be feeling as the natural and continuous state of your consciousness."

Is this worth trying for? Do you really want it? Then what are you going to do about it? If you are willing to make a supreme effort and to put all the power of your will into it; will make yourself a positive agent of your Father's Will, looking only and always to Him to guide and inspire you, you will truly receive all the help you need, and will find, if you persist despite any discouragements that may come testing your determination, that you will then walk straight into the good that has long been waiting for you.