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The Way Out by Joseph Benner - The Law
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

lf you will keep all such untrue thoughts out of your mind, you can see that then and then only can your Higher Self draw into your mind the true and positive thoughts that will attract to you the good that is waiting to manifest itself to you. For while your mind is cluttered with all those fearful, worrying, discouraged, sick, weak, poverty-tainted thoughts, how can you expect anyone who feels these vibrations and vibrations are things you cannot cover up to be attracted to you, or how can you expect God to inspire you with thoughts of a beneficial nature?

In fact, such negative thoughts actually keep away the things you are longing to have manifest in your life for like attracts like.

Think! Poverty-stricken thoughts do not attract prosperity or jobs; sick thoughts do not build a healthy consciousness; and belief that you are a failure invites failure.

You say this all sounds good, but when one is sunk so deep in conditions that no matter which way he turns he sees only sickness, hunger, poverty or failure facing him, despite months of effort to conquer the condition, to get work, or to do something to tide over till better days come, how is he to think of anything else?

Yes, dear friend, we see what you are up against, but we also see that you are caught fast between the horns of a dilemma. You have sought help from the world of men and it has turned you down. You have exhausted all the forces of self, and you admit that you are completely helpless. And perhaps you have even prayed to God, and seemingly He has not heard, or He has not answered you.

But where is this God to whom you have prayed? Is he somewhere up in the skies, or in some hazy place, you know not where?

Have you prayed to God within you? Have you turned there and opened your heart to Him, deep within your self, in the Kingdom, where your Higher Self abides?

If not, dear friend, then after reading this article carefully until you truly get its full meaning for you, pray to Him there; get down on your knees and in deep and true humility pour out your heart to Him, knowing that He as your Higher Self hears you, that He does know that you have need of all these things, and that He will answer you.

Go back to those words in the Sermon on the Mount and read them over again and again, until you get all of their wondrous meaning and realize that they are meant for you, and that they are a definite promise made by the Master to you that if you will do what you are there told to do, the Father will give to you all things that you need. Think! This is Jesus' promise to you, and thcrefore it will be fulfilled if you do your part.

YOU CAN DO IT. You can do it, you must do it if you would have the blessings which He promises you, and which we promise you when we say that you can have an abundance of all good things and that you can be free from the dominance of money forever.

And what must you do? You must not be anxious or worry anymore about what you shall eat or drink or what you shall wear, for your loving Father knows that you must have all of these things. But if you will seek first His Kingdom that is, His Consciousness, where you must think only His thoughts for you as we have shown you how to do, and then will do what He tells you to do when His thoughts come into your mind, He will provide you with all the good things He has had in store for you from the beginning.

We know that we are telling you to do what now seems almost impossible. But, dear friend, this is the only way to win these blessings; and you say you will do anything to obtain them, if it is humanly possible.

It is not only possible, but it is the very thing ordained and intended for you by your Higher Self or He would not have brought this message to you and placed this ultimatum so squarely before you. You have tried your way, and you have tried the world's way, and you know where they have brought you. And now you are given the opportunity of trying God's way!

The way laid out for you in the beginning. Can you not see that it is now the only way out for you?

Thus God brings His children that love Him finally to realize that they cannot serve both God and Mammon. For they must be shown or that they are serving Mammon just as much by fearing him and yielding to the power of be money, as they would be by openly worshipping money and becoming its slave when having great quantities of it. They must be made to see that by fearing money's seeming power they are making it first and God second in on their lives, and until they truly want to serve God more than any other thing, and prove it by their right thinking, speech and action, they are not yet where His help can reach them.